Vulnerability refers to the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment.  Don’t fall for Mercury’s tricky way of pulling you off course through this retrograde.  The whole reason for a retrograde is to throw you way off course, disorganize and mix it all up and this one is about emotional upheaval.   You get your band width scrambled and you have to be awake to stay on your on path or track so to speak.  Vulnerability means you stay on your path even if you feel like you could end up alone or abandon.  If you stay on your course awake while say you go into your wounded child patterns in this retrograde, you can simply just know that you are opting in for vulnerability.  You can’t by- pass going through the emotional deep dive into your scramble or upheaval but you can heal parts of  your-self  by realizing the truth of your fear.  This fear is that if you go through the ring of fire you’ll end up alone on the other side.  Actually you might be alone, but your always alone all the time anyway.  You are the only one who can go inside and find the wound or trauma and desire to want to heal it.  So, no one can abandon you to begin with, but if you leave you alone in a wounded state the wound stays infected and festers.  Be present with your self at all times and pay close attention, Rita

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

The ride starts today (actually I’ve been feeling it since last Friday) and will last around 31/2  weeks.  A little longer than other retrogrades.  This retrograde will move you into a major shift in your personal and collective group emotional level.  You’ll be feeling this shift around your idea of home, family, childhood, parents and your past.  This will set feelings off of a degree of disconnect from yourself, to others and your internal feeling of the Divine Source, the Oneness.  Though we are never disconnected we could end up floating “out there”,  a feeling that we aren’t headed anywhere in particular.  Unconscious behaviors that you have put in place so carefully can present as you are in this all alone (living) and you strive to find the “right” place to fit in.  This is all of the Cancer energy.  Cancer is a home body sign.  Those with the Cancer sign know all to well that they focus on get together, be united, let’s all do it together as a family.  So bringing up unfinished business around these beliefs and strategies is what this Retrograde will be about.  Pay attention to your place in all of the charges you get up to July 20th and keep a journal if you must.  Be active in getting the learning you’ve missed in the past.  The missed learning can be healed if you are paying attention for the message, the event, the opportunity.  They will present to you and you have to be awake to catch it.  Off we go!!  Rita


There was a huge study revealed today that 70% of the workforce population is malcontent.  Well, now that sounds like fun to work around.  Really, this is contagious stuff, being malcontent.  If you even remotely think that you are dissatisfied with your self in the place that you are at then your responsibility for your self is hiding.  If you are placing your efforts to get others to rally around you to support you that something isn’t right then you are focusing on something outside of you.  That is not where you will sooth your grumpy.  There’s nothing outside you that you can compete with but you can create.  You can focus on one thing.  Find one thing you enjoy about yourself while you are where you are.  Locate and expand that one fine attribute you like while your are doing it and make that your joy, your content for that day.  Change the malcontent to content by re-framing your thought.  You are energy remember and when you start a spiral of energy that is spiked with disgruntled, dissatisfied, annoyed by everything energy, look out.  You will keep the spiral going with just that.  You’ll end up in a toxic whirlpool of more kvetching, gossiping, bad mood energy around you to just keep the malcontent alive.  Fake it till you make back to happy, Rita.  P.S.  I’ve plenty of tools to teach you how to get to your JOY!

Guarantee, there is only one

Change.  That is the one guarantee we can count on every day!  There are laws of the Universe and they are fixed.  They don’t change.  They are as they are and will always be but the Law of Change is a guarantee as a natural course in this miracle of living in physicality.  How you move through change is the testimony of your character.  Because of the unpredictability of change as to  when and how it will happen your perception and response to change is the one thing you can control.  You control it because you have the ability to the response from with in your self.  Choice is just one of the navigation tools you have available to your self  as to how you will handle your emotions through a shift.  You have control of your time, place, and reaction.  Your perception of the situation is critical.  Are you a victim or a person who takes action?  Do you know how to stay balanced while your body is giving you signals of either uncertainty, pain or fear?  These are just a few of the responses you deal with when moving through change.  And there is sweet pleasure and joy.  If you know you are changing (and believe me we are) how many other things would you like to know about for your self to do this with grace!   Look for your announcement I’ll be sending for Scanning your Body (this goes into depth about your energy system) to assist you in navigating change in our Ascension journey!


When you feel tension do you respond to the feeling with panic or calmness?  Meaning: tension is a signal.  This signal is your body telling you that you are in a situation that needs your attention.  The attention your focus is on is the emotional feeling you are having.  Perhaps you are thinking of something that you know you are putting off.  And the best way to release the tension would be to do what it is you are anticipating and you are holding this thought in your body.  Tension really can be a response about excitement or a doomsday feeling.  If you are anticipating a wonderful event this is excitement but your body is still holding tension.  Same goes for fear or stress.  Your body is your system to tell you how uncomfortable you are feeling, and what is going on in you at many levels.  Some people do yoga, some meditate, others run or jog, eat, fight, workout or simply go to sleep to handle tension.  The real awareness is that you are aware of this tension and notice it in your body.  Allow your self to make a decision as to what you are going too do to handle the tension, especially if you have been in this state for a long time.  The excitement tension does one thing to your body, the negative emotion held for a long period of time can take a toll on you.   Seek the awareness it takes to release your tension your body is signaling you!  Rita

Gratitude for anything and everything

Imagine that you can hold gratitude for every single situation you bring into your life. Whether you appreciate what you have in front of you or are out of your mind from what you asked for, or you don’t even remember that you wanted what you have in front of you; and still you imagined it at some point in your life and now it is has manifested.  Yes, you did request it through imagination, dream, vision, will, or just plain wrote it down and now you have it.  But, here’s the real truth about your integrity and receiving.  Do you have what it takes to own it and be responsible for it?  Gratitude will be the main ingredient for this recipe. Express gratitude, appreciation, and love for anything that you make that is now in your path.  You manifested it but can you be  grateful for the very act of what you manifested?   You actually made the situation for your self and you and you alone are now the one who will be your own keeper. What will you do with what you created.? Will you love it and see it as an opportunity to learn or will you forget that gratitude is yours and yours alone to see you through your experience.

Have a extremely defined vision

The more exact your vision the clearer it is to guide your self to create it.  The clearer you are they way you want this vision to turn into reality the greater the feedback you will receive.  You will have “proof” as you move along in your journey gathering  information, tools, and synchronicity will play a part too because your vision with clarity will be arriving for you in your daily life.  Our human nature is that  we generally want immediate results for the most minor effort,  but be sure to allow life to unfold naturally.  This will happen anyway, life unfolding, but your own personal desire of your vision is you keeping your fire stoked .  How much do you want it, how clear do you see it, how much do you actually feel you have of your self to invest in your vision?  This is the true test to your self.  Not one obstacle should prevent you from putting your clear vision into action.  You can adjust your self around the obstacles but don’t let go of the clear, well designed vision.  This will hold its power in and of itself and you can be the generator, the director, the script writer and bring this vision to life.  The clearer the picture the easier it is to follow the story line!  Rita

Is there something missing?

Do you do all the “right” things and you still feel like there is a piece of the puzzle not fitting into your life or you can’t even land on finding the piece in the midst of all the pieces?  There is a shift that has taken place in us and on the planet.  This fuzzy feeling of sensing is your Soul.  Your soul is calling you to your commitment to be aware of the piece of puzzle.  Your soul is signaling loud and clear that you aren’t going to be comfortable any longer with old beliefs and old thoughts and old behaviors.  So, you are reading this yes, that means that your soul is guiding you to dip into the possibility too find new tools to tune into the new frequency you are adapting to.  Scanning your own body and “reading” your own state of being is the greatest gift you can give yourself right now to assist you in this new upgrade of frequency in you and on your Planet.  Connecting to the Planet and your body, aligning yourself and yourself to the Planet is the fastest, simplest, filled with grace, uplifting way you can create balance and safety.  Would you like to learn how to scan your own body, connect with your intuitive sense of your own divine knowledge and use this tool every day?  Great, your acknowledging that you want to figure out what the uncomfortable feelings are.  I’ll send you more information in a few days.  Feel your body,  Rita

You are here.

Of course you know you are here, right where you are standing or sitting, right?  But do you really know you are here?  What your real Self means or what you are suppose to do with that concept?  We are in the Oneness and never was not.  So how you want to find or live your Self is the process.  That’s where you are.  Living every moment consciously and knowing you are doing this for you soul.  Your soul is the reason you are here.  Soul is the focus and everything else you feel and choose and experience is for the purpose of your soul.  When you remember this is your true journey which is to use your conscious choices and be clear as to how you are going to “take care” of those choices then your soul is the benefactor.  Soul is not outside of you.  You are not going to get  it at some later time/date.  It is you.  You are the same in one.  You are your own steward for your path on your journey.  Be gentle and kind to your self as you awaken by the choices you make, Rita


Breaking a “bad habit”

First you’d have to claim that you have a bad habit.  Now you know there is no BAD or GOOD so “bad” is how you interpret this bad.  So you figure out your unwanted habit.  Does it feel like it might be easy, kind of easy, difficult, very difficult or I’ll get to it another day kind of habit?  So if you realize that you are going to really have to focus with discipline about what this habit is doing or not doing for you then you can decide if you really have the get up and go to break that bad boy/girl.  Habits turn into behavior.  That’s why they are habitual.  It is a behavior that you don’t even notice anymore because it is a routine.  Maybe it is smoking, biting your nails, eating, drinking, computers, phones, you get it right.  So this behavior is comfortable now so you don’t know how to start to break it down into a disposable size or chunk to see a change in your self.  Well, remember there is one step at a time.  First recognize the habit/behavior that you’d like to address.  Second, figure out a realistic plan, do you want to really change it?  Third try it out for a week and notice what the real challenges are.  Make a detailed list of the “hardest” thing to do and figure out a way to make it a little bit more doable so you can keep you eye on the decision that you want to do something for your self not the outcome!   Breaking bad,  Rita