We think of being flexible with just our bodies.  There is more to being flexible than just a good yoga pose let’s say.  You are at your top game when you have your internal view finder set on flexible.  Emotionally flexible, also perception and beliefs.  How you hold your beliefs around your emotions will impact your outcome tremendously if you are not flexible with the situation you have manifested.  Emotions can take over and you can become frozen with pain or fear and believe me that can make you rigid rather than flowing through the event.  An emotional reaction is you own perception about the situation.  The more that you can remain focused on knowing that there are unlimited facets to the kaleidoscope will broaden your perception regarding what you are experiencing.  What you experience and how you react to it is the learning.  The more flexible you are invested knowing that you have choices will keep you from becoming rigid and stuck.  Flexible means surrender.  Flexible means you aren’t going to be attached to the outcome.  How do you do that you say?  Stay tuned for my upcoming workshop on The Laws of the Universe according to how a person can live with in their guidance!  Keep stretching,  Rita

What do you really see?

I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in what oerdr the ltteres in a word are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is that the frsit and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it whotuit a pboerlm. This is bcuseaethe huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!  No, I didn’t have my fingers on the wrong keys while I was typing.  But isn’t this fun!  Your brain and perception can really run amuck can’t it.  The point being that we really do have our own unique perception about what we want to see and how we want to figure out what we are experiencing.  The real challenge when watching or observing life is how attached to the outcome are you?  How invested are you in getting someone to “see it” what ever it is the way you see it?  What about you seeing someone say a blonde and the person really is a brunette?  You are so convinced that they are blonde because this is what your reference point is (blonde) and that you are right that you truly can’t see the brunette.  Does that mean you are wrong?  Hmmm!  Or just that is your perception and reference.  You are used to blondes so anyone you look at looks like they have some rendition of blonde in their hair.  Actually the twist is how invested are you in trying to get anyone else to see it just the way you see it.  How tightly do you hold on too getting someone else to validate or agree with your belief?  The ego can be very persistent and dominate to win.  To be right.  Being right doesn’t mean someone else not agreeing with you has to be wrong.  Just diferneft.  Do you want to win and be right or orare you comfortable not convincing someone that your pecretipon is just that?    Rita

Killing Pain

Knowing you are in pain and ways that you deal with the pain are two distinct sense of awareness.  We are naturally set up to avoid pain at all costs.  You as an individual perceive your pain in a unique way.  Others may be able to empathize or understand but truly another can not actually hold the actual feeling of your pain.  So, it’s like having a baby.  Only you know the pain and intensity of  the whole event.  Even other women who have had babies can empathize because they have had a baby, but they can not know your experience.  It is yours and yours alone.  With that being said you really have to know your tolerance level.  Your awareness of how much you can take and when you numb out is imperative to your consciousness.  A very disturbing report came out that 6,600 women die each year from prescription drugs.  Up 40%.  So this signals to me that women are in physical pain first perhaps.  Yes, then move out of the physical pain and are addicted to the drug.  There is emotional pain too.  This pain is so deep and hard to make go away that the excuse for the physical pain can become the perfect excuse to keep using the drug.  If you don’t know the emotional pain is connected to the physical at some level in the first place it becomes the cart and horse story.  If you know someone or you your self may become aware of an addiction to “pain killers” and they eventually do lead to killing, take time to actually find out why and what pain you are really killing? Be engaged with your self, Rita


Tolerance for your self

Be loving to your self right now, you are bringing to the surface many hidden emotional beliefs due to the Retrograde.  This tolerance is also connected to patience.  You might go through days of dis-organized feelings and confusion.  This is part of the Retrograde.  To shake you up so that you can take a look at your hidden strategy or strategies.  While you could be unaware that that is what is going on and can’t put your finger on the upheaval, be tolerant of the process.  Let it take its course with you.  Trust that you’ll come out of this with vital awareness and information that you are longing for.  The longing is for change and the change is to let you be more of your true self.  Your true self is the Self that you might not be deeply in touch with at the conscious level so your job will be to pay attention.  Pay attention to a new feeling or behavior.  Pay attention to something you might not feel an urge to do anymore that you were addicted or habituated to before.  So you could open up or let go.  Be attentive and patient then you’ll be able to notice.  That’s your true self and job.  Rita

Profound Clarity

You can have an extreme clearing like having the smoke gone and you can see right thru the forest.  This is a moment for you to notice a pattern that you have been living in for your life.  Then all of a sudden you can get an ahaa! moment and you get it. You have clarity as to where the pattern started, why you started it and how you keep it alive and working for you.  Yes you have had an insight and you feel like you can grab life and run.  You have gained wisdom and certainty.  This does not automatically mean that you have every aspect of yourself revealed and that all roads from this gained awareness leads you to other patterns. So don’t fall back to sleep by being tricked that the pattern is gone permanently.  You have to work at not going back to your habit or a default behavior.  You can get so excited that you forget to use the insight you learned.  Use this new found clarity to dig into another part of you that you want to explore. Let your excitement help you keep on top of your awareness that you earned!  Dig into the next round of fear, pain, or anger.  Be wise, Rita

Opening night is every day

Yep, it’s that exciting every day to think of what and who you are when you hit the stage called life.  The requirements are not to memorize anything but to be aware of your self while in your surroundings.  Being aware means you have to work hard at what you want you to feel like while you are presenting your self.  Your hard work regarding staying aware and awake means that you have to go back to the script, homework, marketing, customers, clients, family, friends, reading, writing, meditating, working out, checking your food you eat, and every thing you want to invest in about your self.  This means that you really do not say “wow, I think I deserve a break so I’ll just go ahead and forget what I’m learning” and get to it in a month or so.  So that would be like showing up to rehearsal and you didn’t learn your script, you don’t remember where to stand when you are suppose to say something, what to wear that is appropriate for the scene, and can’t follow the lighting when it is tracking you.  We are accountable only to our self but in the end every person and every aspect of the planet benefits from your investment in the play you are in.  WE all like to see a great performance.  It moves us, inspires us, each of us to want to move something in our selves then.  So, show up by reminding your self every day that it is opening night every day.  Give the best of your self every hour, and inspire those around you!  Rita

Happy 4th

Be grateful everyday in every way.  Be in gratitude not just that you are an American.  Be grateful that you have the responsibility to be present every moment for that which you can turn your life into abundance.  We as a culture have been home grown on possibilities to create anything we want.  We have been raised and taught that we have freedom to be anything we want to be.  Are you doing that or are you measuring your- self based on what kind of house you have, or the school you children attend or how much you earn?  This is an outcome of how hard you work. The real freedom you have access to is that which lets you practice your beliefs.  Are your beliefs clear and true?  Do you have victim energy or are you truly finding your own values and beliefs regarding the meaning of abundance?  Celebrate today with a different twist on why you happen to be living in a place like the U.S..  Take a moment and really dive into examining what freedom really means to you personally.  Freedom is internal, no one can limit this if you know how you perceive it.  There are so many beliefs around freedom that you may actually notice that you don’t express freedom with your Love, or being unconditional, accepting Differences in others with Tolerance, Compassion and Patience.  Do you cherish Freedom with fear, as though you might lose it?  Perhaps you can find other ways you might be limited in true use of your Freedom.  Being Proud doesn’t translate into Compassion, we have to be conscious to practice Compassion.  Rita

Don’t play so small

Move way out of your comfort zone.  Let your ego take a break.  Give it a vacation.  What I mean is turn down the volume of negative talk.  Turn down the volume of the list of what you’re doing wrong, or what you SHOULD be doing, feeling, saying, contributing, involved in, helping out with, taking time to give somewhere, do you want me to go on?  I can.  But really pick the story you live in daily and obey by staying put, that is a start.  Moving out of your comfort zone would mean that you have to recognize that your in it and it is the very thing that is having you loop around over and over with the same behavior or same internal dialogue.  If you want to do something different and say it’s been a week or a month or a year and you haven’t moved on it yet; and made so many excuses why you haven’t tried to do one thing about it; well then your not moving out of your comfort zone.  Your sabotaging your self and making excuses that fit your needs.  Remember you can take one step, one action to let your self feel like you contributed to your desire.  One movement can make a huge quantum reverberation in your field.  Your Soul will get a charge from it too.  Just think how good all the parts of you will feel by trying one new scary challenging thing that is new!  What’s your comfort zone?  Rita

Retrograde Progress…

Well, we’re 6 days into this wonderful Cancer/Mercury Retrograde and I wanted too remind you to stay aware of all the great opportunities that you have while going through this disorganization.  You will come out the other side of this organized and integrated.  But you do have to do all of the work that it takes to recognize what you’re suppose to be doing while your going through this.  This is an emotional retrograde remember.  Not going to be about computers and cars and phones etc.  This is about your personal upheaval of you past.  Your childhood traumas, demons and or unfinished business;  your family ties, all relationships and this is all at the emotional level.  So you could be having very interesting dreams, write them down, or calls from people out of the blue, figure out what you want to say.  These are but a few thousand examples of what could appear in your path.  The most important part of this disorganization of your past is to bring an awareness of your self as to what strategies you put in place, and at a very young and early innocent age.  You keep these in place because they seemingly work but at the same time this camouflages your potential to find new parts of your self.  If you become enlightened about any strategy you anchored and use and no longer want to feel that way, I can assure you that we can untangle this together. This is the work that I offer for healing.  Remember hard work and one step at a time, step by step.  Rita

Love you for just being you

Do you recognize when you are overexerting your self emotionally.  What this means is you are trying so hard to be more than what is already your natural state.  Perhaps you might want to have some way to calibrate your self when you need to know enough is enough.  This could be a challenge because if you are pinning your reward in the form of validation and praise you will not notice that you could be putting out more energy than required.  Instead of giving 150% go to 70% and see how that feels.  Notice how you feel or think about your self.  You might not get a validation for feedback that your used to getting, but notice how you feel about your self not over extended.  Do you have a comfortable feeling about your self when you aren’t over doing?  If you feel nervous that you should have given more remember that you are perfect with what you just gave.   Give your self a quick saying to reassure you self that you are “perfect with what you are giving right now” and take a breath.  Be your best champion to give your self a break.  Really figure out what it is you want from a situation or others if you over do or give!  When you figure that out notice if you are actually being that generous to your self first!   Have a balanced day,  Rita