"Soulutions" for any kind of pain in your life:



or spiritual

Connect to Self-Purpose

and Self-Love


Organization, Identification,

and Interpretation

3 Unknown Meditation Tricks

Get access to three unknown tricks to use during meditation. Energy Evolution Healing not only gives you the tools to make the changes you want in your life, but the support and guidance to help you succeed, stay on track and keep you in alignment with your purpose, integrity and empowerment.

Schedule A Session With Rita

A private session with Rita can help you clarify your questions about why you are here, how your soul works and how to get into alignment with your true purpose.

Energy Evolution Healing

Energy Evolution Healing is a boutique Holistic, Metaphysical, and Spiritual teaching and healing experience where I selectively take on those who are searching and committed to conscious change and longing to know Self. If you are interested in Intuitive/Physic Healing modalities you have entered into the correct space.

You will explore all of those questions that you have roaming through your thoughts such as: “what is my purpose” and “what or why did I come here to earth.”

Perhaps you think how do I fit into society, what is this purpose and how does this work as far as helping me on my Path?  These are very legitimate questions especially if you have been seeking, learning, practicing different modalities.  That can be very frustrating to keep coming up with partial answers or no real tools to use to move to the next level.

There are so many different ideas out there about “who you are” and this work will truly move you onto your purpose, finding out the meaning of how this all fits together and plenty of usable daily tools.

Please feel free to contact me for information here.  My work is phone or Skype. Each person who heals and moves into higher vibration changes the planet and all as we live together. There is group work also if this really gets you energized to gather with like minds and elevate each other on your Path.

How all of this got started

My push to do my work in the field of healing and helping was greater than what I could ignore. One client at a time and a constant desire to learn more and more to help other’s turned into a deep passion and is still growing.

You as an Ideal Soul

Each person has a burning desire I believe to want to live in Self-Love.  If you struggle with weight, money $$$ beliefs, unwanted habits, relationship confusion, or just every -day blahs we can untangle these.  And there might also be a fear that others might think you are a nut for looking into alternative learning and healing and this could be unknowingly self-sabotaging you?

When a person does one thing to change the pain, fear, or self-doubt/self-criticism every day in any area of their life and internal belief about themselves they move closer and closer to Self-Love. Curiosity and Commitment is all that you need to change, Oh, and Courage.

Have questions about what to expect from a session or want to find out more? Call 602-317-5576 or contact Rita using the form below:

Meet Rita Cook

Rita Cook’s life work is to realign you with your soul’s purpose, clean up and clear out patterns in your life, making the space for awareness and fulfilling your purpose.

Rita provides the tools and guidance to keep you grounded, focused and present in your life.  You will experience freedom from stress and emotional overwhelm, as well as feeling protected, safe, calm and energized.  All you need to get started on your path to healing is the curiosity and willingness to participate in your own Energy Evolution Healing!

What People Are Saying About Rita

Rita is, in a word, amazing. Her incredible ability to see, work with and heal in all energy dimensions never fails to intrigue and inspire me. Rita is my trusted and beloved healer, teacher and guide as I take my soul journey to discover, love, honor and express my unique self. She is funny, compassionate, honest, loving and incredibly effective.

LaurelPhoenix, AZ

Working with Rita Cook has profoundly enriched my life. I look forward to our phone sessions because Rita’s insight delivers a powerful shot…

Andrea D.
Andrea D.Portland, OR

Working with Rita has radically transformed my life. My purpose in this lifetime has become more defined by reconnecting with my soul at a level of consciousness that I had never experienced before. Moving into and visiting my past lives has allowed me to complete and clear up my Karmic lessons as well as release old beliefs that have limited me from experiencing who I really am!

Lisa K.
Lisa K.Phoenix, AZ

Ever since I was young I wondered why I felt different than everyone else.  I felt I was seeing the world differently.  I started to question the concept of “God” and religion.  I felt that there was something bigger than myself.  It wasn’t until I started seeing Rita when I was going through my divorce did things start to make sense to me.  At the time I was trying to make sense of my own reality.  I was confused, angry, afraid and full of questions.  I wanted to know the why and how this was happening.  Through the work we do together I am able to speak my truth.  Together we explore the spirituality of being awake.  We work on clearing out karmatic patterns that are based in the beliefs I have agreed to.  Little by little we work through the chakras, my karmatic patterns and self -discovery to be one with the collective conscienceness.

ChrisPhoenix, AZ

I have known Rita both personally and professionally for many years.  I decided to consult with Rita after she gently nudged me to learn more about my life purpose and higher self.  Through our sessions, she has worked with me (patiently) and I feel I am growing by leaps and bounds.  She is so good at disseminating anything down to the most intricate level.   Rita has always allowed me to voice whatever concerns I have in a totally non-judgmental and safe manner.  She definitely goes above and beyond anything I could have imagined on my own.  She’s my personal cheer- leader!  Thanks, Rita!

MaryannVirginia Beach, VA

Four words immediately come to mind when I think of what Rita Cook is teaching me:

Intention….in order to accomplish or
receive anything, I have to “name” it…to want it, desire it

Discipline…it (my intention) isn’t going to materialize by magic.  Writ down my 3-5 action steps each night

Curiosity…when things don’t turn out how I’d planned , don’t go into self blame & judgement but rather be curious …”that’s interesting…what is going on here?”  What can I learn from this?”

Learning…this is what it’s all about
…why I am here in this life form, at this time & in these circumstances…so my soul gets it’s learning…and if I don’t learn it, I keep repeating in & create Karma

This has not been a swift, linear progression for me.  I am often into fierce resistance.  It seems easier to , procrastinate, blame, deny, rationalize or distract myself.  RITA has taught me that these are the stories or dramas my ego creates
They are illusions that appear as reality.  When I embrace this, my life is fun….joyful.  That is what it’s intended to be….for now!
I am grateful to RITA….without her, I don’t know where I’d be today.

Kerry M, Omaha, NE
Kerry M, Omaha, NEVirginia Beach, VA