What is energy work

What is energy work?

Because we are all energy and all connected through vibration we can move into anyone’s energy field(s).  This field so to speak comprises of chakras, auras, endocrine system, fluids and the whole biological system.  Our DNA holds all the information or codes and energetically these are what can be “cleaned up” while working through emotional patterns and limiting beliefs.

What is a private Session

What is a private Session?

It is an experience where you are completely connected to your own energy system through trusting.  Trusting that you have been guided to this particular type of energy work to heal and awaken your -self to empowerment, self-responsibility, emotional maturity and fun!  The fun part is your effort to heal the fear and pain, replace that with learning and application of your new awareness of your-self.  Create a new fantasy and dream of how you want to live and feel.

Energy Evolution Healing can give you your inspiration to be in Love with your-self and for you to move into the most you can be in your life today.

Can a session help me

Can a session help me?

We all have access to our inner Wisdom.  It is your responsibility to seek this Wisdom through your Soul/Higher Self.  When you listen to your Soul/Higher Self and seek out a teacher or opportunity who can simply guide you to your own Truth you can awaken your senses in my session to:

Understand how to “read” symbols for Awareness

Recognize differences between a frequency and an emotion/belief

Receive insights about your own personal Soul path and truth

Heighten yourself- awareness how to recognize/follow Karmic patterns (and the true meaning of Karma)

Heal emotional patterns from past life/karmic events that are keeping your personal growth from consciousness

Increase spiritual and personal awareness

Balance and master the importance of tuning into your Higher Self

Little Things into Big Things

Write.  Write everyday.  Remember the little things that are working for you.  Make a big deal out of the one small or big accomplishment that you did yesterday and write it down.  Write down somewhere today a learning.  Re-read your learning everyday so you can remind your self that you are moving forward.  See if you want to act on any learning.  If you focus on worry it’s worry that you will create in front of you.  You’ll become very good at seeing problems as the way to focus rather than seek peace, joy, love,  and create.  Live your life at your fullest.  Record your self every day.  Your life is your only true asset.  Show value to your self and note on paper that you are in deep gratitude.   State a goal, perhaps to exercise, eat properly, or even drinking more water!  Design a mission statement about your self and write it out and restate it every day.  This day is the first day of your life, treat it with dignity, respect and integrity.  Your life is yours and you designed it in the first place so your thoughts will make it what ever you want to be so write out what you want!  Be faithful to your self.  Pay attention to what is working and not that which isn’t.    Stay focused on your joy!  Rita

How do you know if you don’t know you don’t know?

Wow, well that’s a mouth full, yes?  But I do believe that is a predicament we all go through daily.  An example: you might find out that you made a request that made someone angry the way you went about asking for something.  Or perhaps you gave your heartfelt opinion only to find out at a later time that several people thought that you stepped over the line ( their line).  But how were you to know that if it truly is your thought?

You can only investigate back into your self as to how you feel about you when you hear conflicting feedback.  You can really only notice how you are FEELING about your self when someone disagrees with you.  Is it a feeling of being attacked, humiliated, rejected, abandoned, ridiculed for having your own input in a situation?

Truly this is an opportunity for you to reach inside your self,  to follow your own true pattern as to why you are going through a deep range of emotion regarding the feedback.  It doesn’t have to be that you were wrong or inappropriate.  You could simply touch base in your self as to how you might imagine how the other person could have interpreted your intentions.  You could also be brutally honest with what you really meant and are you being completely in integrity with your statement that you made.

If so then you can hold that, stand by your side and figure out why you might be feeling rejected by someone else’s reality and their interpretation of you.  Find your tender spot and nurture it back to love.  But if you really feel like you screwed up then perhaps an apology would be just as lovely.

How would you like to be in a group webinar of 8 other like minded, interested people?  The small gathering would be questions and answers on this very topic.  To register for this relaxed but informative gathering go to:

www.EnergyEvolutionHealing.com . There you’ll find pay pal and the group price is $20.00 per person. (90 mins.)

September 27th at 6:30 pacific coast time ($20.00) 90mins.  This will be the first of this kind of group interaction on everyday topics to give you tools to find your true north to navigate. There are only 8 at a time in the group to really go into depth.

The following group will be October 4th at 6:30 ($20.00) ( 8 in the group) 90 mins. new topic

October 10th at 6:30. ($20.00) (8 in a group) 90 mins. new topic

Your instatelewebinar information will be sent to you once the payment is received.  You can be on the phone or on your computer for a visual participation!  Learning with others can bring so much information! Please leave in the comment area on my website what topics would be of interest to you.   Thank you, Rita

Emotionally not connected

You know how being in an emotional relationship of any kind takes courage and effort.

Ways of showing love can be through little favors, being very considerate, thoughtful, putting off something you want to do to be with the other person, and noticing little things they do and getting it done for them before they even ask.  These are but a few really loving signs of investing in being connected.

Now if the other person doesn’t seem to connect that way and thinks that they are being very present in a relationship and really do not get it when you try to explain the said above behaviors as a sign of being loving, well…

There you go.  This could build stress or disconnect and trying to stay connected to the other person could turn into an exhausting full-time job.  Being right there in the very same space as the other person, trying to be emotionally connected, but you are connected in pain not really emotionally connected.

When do you give up? How long do you keep on giving and feeling disconnected?  Why do you feel the urge to keep on trying to model that behavior of over giving?  And the other person just doesn’t give you back the feeling that you are emotionally connected with them.

You really have to do self-examination when you’re feeling more disconnect or pain than fun, grace, connected, easy, and at least a sense that the other person is doing connection their way but you actually feel like it is in alignment with you so you sense it works for you.

If their way of emotionally connecting to you seems more aggravating or makes you seem like your in the room with someone but you are totally alone, then it is time that you ask your self why you would be so scarce to your own self.  Why would want to let your self be exhausted trying to get someone to connect with you when you’re intuition tells you this isn’t going anywhere?

Look at your self with an honest open checklist of what is it that you are giving away in the first place thinking someone  should respond to you in like kind because you are doing that so they should.  Perhaps your expectations are confused, mixed with internal messages you’re not consciously aware of that are running.  Maybe your boundaries aren’t defined enough to support you in emotionally charged situations.

Emotionally not connected when you are thinking you are connected can leave you feeling empty and you may not even know that is what is going on while your busy trying to be both people in the relationship.

Where is your Compass?

Have you ever felt really lost at any time in your life?  I mean really lost, like you simply didn’t know what the message was that was running through your whole body.  Or everything you were doing came to a screeching halt and you felt like you hit a dead end.  So you are on a path, one connected to Spirituality and in this learning curve of awakening you have some how lost your true magnetic north;  you have lost your compass.  This internal magnetic pointer is your own inner voice.  But remember this voice or compass can be drowned out by fear or confusion.  This fear can derail the best of us.  You can go from knowing certainty that you are heading in the direction you set out for and bam! you’re headed into a reality show of your own, filled with a bucket of worms and bugs and snakes and now what?  Do you stay in the bucket and claim your demons or do you jump into the next thing you can possibly grab onto and pull up out of the bucket?  Well, you can stay in the reality show and figure out what the critters are one by one and resolve the fear that they could be lethal or maybe they’re just harmless and look threatening.  In any situation you do have will and choice.  This is the part of claiming your compass in your reality show.  You can learn how to use the compass wisely and go in any direction you want. Remember that your reality show you are living in takes work to figure out what you should do in all situations.  You will most certainly be proud of your self for the effort and the learning.  And you’ll learn how to use your compass more effectively.

Interactive Learning

Perhaps we learned how not to be truly committed to applying what we learn because of our education system?  Maybe there was confusion from certain parenting skills as we were growing up.  We were suppose to learn responsibility but it is focused on doing something that proves we’re going to achieve an outcome.  Usually being the best at something.  When you don’t achieve that in and of itself, being the best, this can send us in an internal direction about our-self that actually leads us away from our Authentic self.  An internal signal from your Authentic self might be curiosity: I am learning some particular set of knowledge skills that when applied will give me options and choices.  Not a disappointment in your self that if it doesn’t come out exactly as the prescribed directions suggest then you didn’t do “it” right. Interactive learning is just that.  Be curious, get a perspective that is different than what you already have, try it out and move it around.  Feel and see how it works in different situations.  If it doesn’t work and you don’t get what it’s suppose to mean then go find more information.  Don’t assume you did it wrong.  Figure it might just be you did “it” differently than what you were told it was suppose to look like.  This takes courage to be different. To break from the herd.  To apply what you perceive and see what the outcome could be.  Be interactive within your self.  This is where you figure your self out in the reaction of your interaction every moment of your life.  Rita

Risk at changing

There’s always a risk when we give of ourselves.  The risk is that we could be rejected or dismissed and feel like we put our self out there and oooppps!  You know though that’s ok if you at least take the chance.  The resistance is the fear of the outcome.  You could be getting so attached to what might or could be the result of the risk that you never risk living in your full self.  When you risk something more than say buying a new car or piece of clothing, like reaching out to another person, well there is a chance.  That chance is the  possibility that they might not return what you were expecting.  And you might not really even know what you were expecting.  If you aren’t doing it for your self already, loving your self, or being honest with your self, or insightful about your self, then how is someone else suppose to fill your reality?  So, you can change your odds about risk by simply being open with out some kind of deep expectation that “it” is suppose to look a certain way.  Your way isn’t their way perhaps.  Take risks, live, be present, Rita

Taking time…

When you finally let your self wedge out a piece of time for meditation do you find that you are making your self do it?  Do you put it off thinking “I know that I should meditate” but I’ve got to do this chore first and then I’ll sit down, or I’ve only got 10 minutes that’s not long enough so why start.  Also, what about that your mind wanders and or you simply can’t get centered and stay in your self to focus on your self?  These are but a few blocks to getting to that meditation space.  Meditation isn’t a fix it project.  It isn’t a scored assignment either.  Nor does it have to be the place of centeredness where you think you are going to get insight for your life direction (though you could).  That is some big pressure put on the process of meditating.  Your mind can wander and notice that, then just come back to where you are sitting.  You can go over your “laundry list” and just notice that you are feeling something about the list.  Does the list make you anxious or you would rather just get to it and get it done and off you mind?  Is there an expectation from meditating that the act of doing this will fix your money situation, relationship situation, health or something going on at work?  It isn’t a process that it fixes something, it is a process for you to get into your self with out any expectation that something has to be resolved so it goes away.  It is just that, a process.  When you give yourself more than 10 minutes to invest in just noticing that you are feeling something (like you want to get up and start moving as fast as the speed of light) this is part of you noticing.  You want to go so you don’t have to stay and do the work (discipline).  You might want some magical spark of something that hits you like a bolt of lightening but you your self do not want to stay present and do the work.  It does take work to figure out what and who you are.  So, if you invest 5 extra minutes a day to the start time of say 10 minutes in a week you’ll be  able to meditate for 45 minutes. Just notice what you are thinking and why.  That’s all. Don’t make it into something mystical and when that doesn’t happen your disappointed in the process.  Stay grounded, do the work, Rita