• Lauren S., Georgia

    I highly recommend Rita Cook to anyone seeking improvement in his or her lives. In order to explain how Rita has helped me over the past year, I would have to write a book. I do not have the time to write that at the moment, so I will keep it short and sweet. The largest impact that she has made on me was giving me the courage to leave drug use behind.  I thought smoking weed every day since the age of 14 was not big deal. When I started to see Rita, she had never said anything at all about my consistent drug use. I actually do not even think that I told her I smoked.  The fact was, in only 3 months she helped me gain the courage and confidence that I had been replacing with weed. I personally decided to quit cold turkey because I felt smoking was pointless going forward. Once I decided to do that, 13 years of trauma, fears, resentment, anger, and every emotion you could feel came rushing back to haunt me. I had escaped any trauma or emotion over the last 13 years with weed. Rita was there every step of the way for me. There is no way in the world that I would have been able to do it without her. She helped me identify areas where I was holding myself back by my own personal beliefs. She tells me how it is and calls me out when I need it. I have learned from her to not blame anything on others because that only holds me back from my own process of self-healing and karma. I have now been sober for 8 months and my whole world has changed. I finally just got my dream job, which I have been working towards the last 3 years but could never get the confidence to actually do it. Last week, in only 30 minutes Rita helped me heal my last relationship trauma and for the first time in a year and half, I actually feel like I am ready to move on.  She has helped me to connect to my family and love them without judgment. She has never judged me and always inspires me. Rita is someone I hope to have in my life for as long as possible because I know I would not be where I am today without her.

  • Pat F., San Francisco, CA

    Rita’s work with me has helped me to take responsibility for the reality that I see, to realize that I am the central co-creator of what I encounter and to help me take ownership of it in constructive ways, where I can work to integrate, heal and balance what I see instead of feeling guilty or disempowered or whatever. It has helped me surmount some seemingly insurmountable challenges by changing how I perceive them.

    When I first started working with Rita, I had been in a fog for decades, not knowing who I was, feeling downtrodden and helpless, blaming others for bad things in my life. I didn’t know what I wanted– only that I didn’t want to keep feeling the way I did. Rita has steadily helped me discover and unwrap unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior. She has been my guide and my rock, teaching me how to be my own rock. With her help, I’m learning how to stop being/feeling like a victim and step into my own power and self-responsibility. My relationships with family, friends, and myself have shifted and bring me much more joy, and I’m now doing things I never dreamed were possible. In some ways I feel like my life is just beginning. Thank you, Rita, for teaching me and guiding me along this journey!

    How do I describe what Rita does? Rita provides unique customized guidance and introspection in spiritual, emotional and physical issues.

    I have recommended her to several of my friends. Each one a very different personality with unique issues and understanding of chakras. All have said how much they have learned about themselves and been better able to deal with themselves and relationships in their life. This holds true for me also.

  • Andrea D., Portland, OR

    Working with Rita Cook has profoundly enriched my life. I look forward to our phone sessions because Rita’s insight delivers a powerful shot of WD-40 right into the heart of any issue – penetrating the stuck parts and easing movement. Though we’ve never met in person, she has forever touched my Soul.

  • Chris, Phoenix, AZ

    Ever since I was young I wondered why I felt different than everyone else.  I felt I was seeing the world differently.  I started to question the concept of “God” and religion.  I felt that there was something bigger than myself.  It wasn’t until I started seeing Rita when I was going through my divorce did things start to make sense to me.  At the time I was trying to make sense of my own reality.  I was confused, angry, afraid and full of questions.  I wanted to know the why and how this was happening.  Through the work we do together I am able to speak my truth.  Together we explore the spirituality of being awake.  We work on clearing out karmatic patterns that are based in the beliefs I have agreed to.  Little by little we work through the chakras, my karmatic patterns and self -discovery to be one with the collective conscienceness.

  • Maryann, Virginia Beach, VA

    I have known Rita both personally and professionally for many years.  I decided to consult with Rita after she gently nudged me to learn more about my life purpose and higher self.  Through our sessions, she has worked with me (patiently) and I feel I am growing by leaps and bounds.  She is so good at disseminating anything down to the most intricate level.   Rita has always allowed me to voice whatever concerns I have in a totally non-judgmental and safe manner.  She definitely goes above and beyond anything I could have imagined on my own.  She’s my personal cheer- leader!  Thanks, Rita!

  • Kerry M., Omaha, NE

    Four words immediately come to mind when I think of what Rita Cook is teaching me:

    Intention….in order to accomplish or
    receive anything, I have to “name” it…to want it, desire it

    Discipline…it (my intention) isn’t going to materialize by magic.  Writ down my 3-5 action steps each night

    Curiosity…when things don’t turn out how I’d planned , don’t go into self blame & judgement but rather be curious …”that’s interesting…what is going on here?”  What can I learn from this?”

    Learning…this is what it’s all about
    …why I am here in this life form, at this time & in these circumstances…so my soul gets it’s learning…and if I don’t learn it, I keep repeating in & create Karma

    This has not been a swift, linear progression for me.  I am often into fierce resistance.  It seems easier to , procrastinate, blame, deny, rationalize or distract myself.  RITA has taught me that these are the stories or dramas my ego creates
    They are illusions that appear as reality.  When I embrace this, my life is fun….joyful.  That is what it’s intended to be….for now!
    I am grateful to RITA….without her, I don’t know where I’d be today.

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