Mercury Retrograde – Rewind and Reset

May 2015 retrograde is here again.  This will be our second one for 2015.  We’re in the Pre-Shadow period right now, which started May 4, and will last until the 18/19th. Then, Mercury Retrograde goes full on the 18/19th of May.  This lasts for three full weeks. Then into a post-shadow integration period for all that you will have learned and have become aware of about yourself.  This integration period will be from  June 11 until June 27.

Just a reminder of what a planetary Retrograde means and what it assists us all in doing at this time.  We all get to go over past/old ground and look at situations and behaviors that are in need of attention. It is like a reset or rewind button for us.  You, and all of us, get to go over parts of our life where you may have missed your learning.

You now have an opportunity to actually “do over,” what you may have left out in many situations and with present awareness, try it again. The pre-shadow period is extremely beneficial; it is the prepratory work for the three weeks prior to when the real work begins. The pre-shadow period is for you to become aware of themes in your life.

Group or individual opportunities can appear where you missed taking care of situations in the past, like personal relationships, business or otherwise. Take note of who might pop up in your life when you least expect them or if someone pops up from the past.

Who are you thinking of constantly and why?  And what significant dealings are coming up each day: money, health, confrontation, family, being uncomfortable about your obligations, to name a few examples.  Write these down, and when you enter into the full Retrograde look over your notes and see/feel what you want to work on.

When this Retrograde does move into full swing, it will be about how you use your decision/choosing for your own personal growth.  You will focus more on what your own feelings are about choosing than what you think you are SUPPOSED to be doing in life.  This is a healing time to focus in pre-shadow and the full Retrograde on your own clarity.

This clarity is what gives you more authenticity and your Truth.  Clarity and Truth will give you authenticity.  You can choose from your Heart or Soul alignment rather than your linear, reasoning, logical self.  Your intuitive action will be your own personal growth.  These are steps that move you up the ladder of Self- awareness and realization that you have your own Free-Will-Power, your own free choice.

Listen to your heart, feel your intuition, pay attention to what you are feeling that leads you to certain growth at this time.  Retrogrades are very powerful and healing.  You don’t have to see this as a challenge or confrontation of your ego (but know your ego will kick and scream), but a time of review to heal that which you missed in the past.

You may start having some physical reactions, even now in the pre-shadow time; Headaches, feeling tired, sleepy, achy, or no appetite or very hungry.  Honor these physical signals and do the best you can to accommodate yourself.

DRINK more water, if you stay hydrated you are helping your mind, body, spirit in a way that you might not think you really need.  Water, like breath, is a combination package that our body desires.  Pay attention to these simple acts of support for your spirit and biological body.

I’ll send more information as we get closer to the Retrograde.  Stay awake and pay attention to the prerequisites to the real deal.

Keep growing, Rita

Taking Action

actionTake Action! You know, that can mean so many things, taking action.  Just getting up in the morning is taking action.  I mean,  you could actually just stay in bed and not do the things you said you’d do.

And you could just stay stuck in what ever emotional pain you are in and choose a distraction for the moment to keep your mind off the pain.  That actually is taking action, isn’t it?

When you pick a topic about your self then set a day or week that you are going to put a plan in place to do something about it, that is taking action. Then the day comes, and you have some pretty big expectations about yourself as to how you are going to dive into this topic of yours about yourself. You might even think that you are so ready you will be able to carry this out forever.

Then the challenge starts.  You find how much effort it really takes to want to change this situation you are in that is not making you feel very good.  This challenge you started needs some big energy to sustain your intentions, right?

So now you put more plans into place and more action that you need to take to make this really feel like you’re going to get somewhere with this idea.

You could feel like you’re spinning your wheels now because you are gathering input from others, collecting more information about your situation, and it might seem that the more action steps you take, the further you get from feeling like your efforts are moving you into any relief.

Action + effort = acknowledgement

Here are some helpful tools to keep you focused on your outcome:

1) Be patient.  Be observant of yourself.  If you plan one thing for the day, then you will be able to take notice of it. If what you plan to change happens, you have to be present to notice it.

2. Choose to be present so you can resonate with the sign that is delivered.  You set up an action to take, now you best give yourself the space to notice it when it happens, acknowledge it.  It doesn’t have to be monumental, huge, or run you over.  This sign that you have delivered to yourself can be subtle and small, but you have to be present to put it all together.

3. Ask what the learning is.  If you are present with yourself, you can stop and experience the learning and you can be aware of the outcome for your actions that you planned to do differently.

4. Next and most importantly, be grateful.  Now that you have the sign delivered you can be so grateful for the insight and go use it.  Write it down.  Keep a log of signs, messages and aha moments so you can weave them together to show you the big picture.  This is where your learning will most likely reveal to you what and how to continue your desire to change.

Let the Essence of your action become you.   Don’t become the action.

~Rita Cook


Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015

A Solar Eclipse pCredithenomenon is when the Moon passes in front of the Sun between the Earth and the Sun.  This is the simple explanation and yet a very intense energy experience for everyone on the planet.  The Sun is the intelligence for our planet; it is the Male energy, electric and very intense.  The Moon is the feminine energy, fluid and influences our consciousness and equally powerful.

When the Sun is eclipsed we are actually being taken “offline” in order to close the old programs for a short time to be reconfigured, cleaned up, and or shift our perception as to how we think.  Then, we reset.   You know when you have downloaded a new program on your computer and it asks if you can then “run it” so it can install, well this is the reset.

Between now and the 20th there are some conscious actions that we can mindfully act on to get a jump start before the eclipse. This eclipse will move us into the upgrades and changes that will directly correlate with assisting us in opening up hidden unfinished learnings.

We don’t have to see it or be at the exact place on the planet where it is actually happening.  We will all feel these intense energies that will be the reset and renewal.

This is the 1st Eclipse of 2015.  This will open the door for a new life for you. This renewal or a new life pertains to deepening your awareness of Being moment to moment, rather than doing, accomplishing and winning. This is a period for aligning with your feminine and masculine.

This is where the Moon (feminine) the dark will embrace the Sun the (light) and together mesh the new life, the renewal we are longing for.

There are some conscious choices that you can pay attention to so you are better prepared for the eclipse.  Start now instead of waiting for the eclipse energy to move you along with you not being aware of your own choice for change.

If you had ideas of change in the beginning of the year, revisit these plans or ideas and notice if you have any changes or if you need a reset. What are the major areas in your life where you need to clean up,  or are  old wounds that you have from your childhood that keep repeating?

Because this eclipse will force conclusions around unfinished business one way you can line up with your self is to check yourself for recurring messages that you hear either in your own self or outside.   Go over these situations that keep coming up over and over and aren’t resolved because they are definitely on the table to be taken care of once and for all.

You may think that you don’t know what the items are that you should pay attention to, simply check on your feelings.  Either it is relationships, health, money any of your life situations will bring you back to your truth about how you’re feeling about yourself.  Ask yourself why or what the reason is that the messages keep coming back to you, you will be able to make a change, at least put a plan in place.

Better you do the conscious choice for changing than  feeling powerless
because circumstances make you change and you thinking it is against your will.

Here are some of the subjects that are up for healing that we all will be
challenged to pay attention to:

  • To live authentically we may need to let go or change a situation.
  • To be aware of our imagination and trust our intuition, learn how to use it, tune in to it and trust.
  • The parts of our lives that live in fear, how is this keeping us from
  • connecting to our Self and how is this holding you back?
  • Know what our limiting belief is that confines us to a restricted life.  (There could be many)

This is a very intense period where the power to align and accept our masculine and feminine let us have a deeper awareness of these energies.  This play in balance between the light and dark, the masculine/feminine will continue on the planet until everyone goes into balance within every one of us, (and this will take quite a long time.)   This is so. This is what we came to learn to do as we live in physical matter.

Group Meditations

Meditation can be personal, working or global. Whether you come to a group meditation for one or for all three reasons, collective energy within a group speaks volumes. For me, delving into an intentional state day after day is the purpose for meditation. Eventually, with practice, the unseen forces that hear us and pay attention to us will let us know that our work is being noticed.

When a group meets together for meditation, I like to think of everyone coming with a sense of excitement.  This excitement is the energy that moves the intention and our concentration is our personal focus and desire. We will have also just finished going through a very intense and significant Solar Eclipse, and can use the residual effects to guide our meditation.


When I open a meditation my style is to synchronize the group into one frequency and then we get to do what we came to focus on.  Bring with you the awareness of something that you know it is time to change. This could be one area in your life that needs a major clean up or messages that you have noticed are being repeated over and over again. We can also have a focus for core issues that each and every one of us will be able to meditate through for and with each other.


I really look forward to meeting you and spending another day together giving it another try!

Love, in Light and Dark, Rita


What this New Moon, February 18th means for you…

New Moon. What does this mean for you,  and really that is all that anything is about.  What does it mean for you, how does this pertain to your day to day living?  What do you do with the information?

Let’s go into this enough so that you can find it applicable, interesting and doable.

This New Moon today around 3:47 PST is really going to energetically push everyone on the planet into more awareness about endings and new beginnings.

Also, entire Karmic patterns that you may not be aware of will be pushed to the surface for you to become very aware of how you are now going to handle old patterns.  Considering all the new energy on the planet having to keep dealing with old emotional, physical, and mental patterns may feel overwhelming.

But this New Moon is bringing everyone the possibility to use that part of your self that doesn’t know what to do with the unknown.  That part of you where you just simply have to use trust to let yourself become more aware of what is and isn’t working in your life.

This new energy is going to help/assist you if you let your self seek out the parts of you that you have ignored or didn’t want to take conscious responsibility for up to this point.

Nothing is going to go away on its own.  You and you alone can stand in your own light now and make a personal commitment to yourself that you are curious to know the hidden parts of yourself that keeps you back.

You may be noticing that two things are happening at the same time.  You may be feeling a “gap.” This gap is more like two worlds are at work now.  Then you might feel which one do you live in or how do you live in one and let go of the other?

This is how you know how far you have developed your Self-Responsibility for healing you and then, in turn, this is  your contribution to all of the collective consciousness that will be affected.  When you do work on your Self you do work for the greater group and the actual planet.

This New Moon is ushering in support for you to go into your own Unconscious part of you whether you like it or not.  You live in duality inside yourself and this is the time to do some conscious work in the parts of you that you don’t like, that means the physical and emotional pain.

Go into these feelings and simply allow your Self to be the conscious voice. Let this loving part of you step up to the podium and guide you when your wounded self becomes more intolerant of your life not being better than it is at this moment.

I’m talking about the everyday events that you can be aware of: relationships, health, money, friends, community, career, thin enough, smart enough, good looking enough, are just a few ways to get in touch with your life.

You alone will be your own witness if you are having problems in any of these areas based on whether you are unhappy in any of these areas and staying in them because of an old belief?  If you are, how do you desire your Self to find another way to do it differently,  and if you can’t change something right at this time, then how can you be more compassionate with your Self while you move through this challenge.

This leap of faith is your own power to birth something you haven’t thought you could do before or have put on hold.  You can go in a new direction in your life, create a new business, bring the artist out that you have been longing to show,  just start  no matter what road you take to do something new and different for your self/ Self.  JUMP!

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Love, everyday is Valentine’s Day

Well, here it is once again (almost February 14th).  That one day a year where every one gets to speak the language of love.  You can be romantic, silly, giddy, young at heart, serious, or simple as you give your love expression to those close or not so close to you.

Wow, a special day to express love freely.  Everyone gets permission to express love with little sweet treats.  Cupid sayings  (I bet Cupid really doesn’t say all of those sayings that are imprinted on little colored candy hearts) like Be Mine, I’m Crazy Over You and a thousand more, you’ve probably gotten them through the years.

There is a message in this message.  Every day can be Valentine’s day.  Every day you can talk about the love you gave or the love you received from someone.  You can have conversations with the person or people  you know that you yearn to have a deeper relationship with.

Reveal, if you can, that you may not even know how to show your love.  But, at least say that the love is there for the other person.  Your vulnerability may be the very thing the other person longs to hear you have for them.

Perhaps you love someone so much you’re too conditional and what you really want them to know is that you love them just the way they are.  You may not even know that you are frightened for them or worried for them so they don’t know that you really do love them.  Just tell them you are trying to be more unconditional with your feelings about them and how you express your love to them.

We are all a work in progress.  Every day is a Valentine.  Every day is a reset for a new way to say love, express love, teach love, reveal love and especially learn what love really is in the purest, most authentic way.

You can never look stupid or inept when you are practicing how to love. (And what do you care if you do, you’re practicing)

You can actually figure out why it may feel so awkward if you Valentine’s your- self first.  For a whole day, just to start somewhere, say out loud to yourself how much you love yourself.

Tell your self that you want you to be your Valentine.  Tell you that you are special, that you are unique, that you are beautiful.

Notice how you feel when you say this out loud to your self.  Notice if you love hearing you tell yourself these little love secrets, or are you uncomfortable?

If you find this feels silly, awkward, odd and better left in the heart box, well then I would believe that it would definitely feel odd saying those same things to someone else.

The lesson here is, if you have any wavering when you talk to yourself, then practice Valentine’s talk out-loud to you every day.  Send your- self a Valentines card once a week.  Open it up and have written some spectacular love statement to yourself so that you can read it in your card.

Treat yourself like you want someone else to treat you on Valentine’s day.  Practicing loving yourself makes giving you a box of chocolates appreciated so much more when you have your own love potion infused in the candy.


Sexy Star Stuff

Sexy Star Stuff
I love talking about what we are made of.

When you get to hear how amazing you are it really stimulates something inside you too want to learn more just how unique you are. When the mundane everyday grind is all you can focus on, well that really doesn’t seem to have purpose in it. Really though it does. No matter how everyday routine something you are doing keeps popping up just the same, it still has meaning.

Just the simple act of paying attention to the fact that you don’t want to be doing the same thing the same way over and over is the tip off. If it is boring then you are stuck. If you don’t feel any excitement in what you have to do then you need to reframe. It’s time. Let me help you remember that you are made of that which makes you so precious?

Perhaps this will inspire you to want to think big about yourself. If you remember that you are created from what I consider magical substance perhaps then you can give yourself some creative space to change what you don’t like. You are made of the stars.  When you look out up into the sky, especially at night it is there that you can bring home the memory.

The remembering- back the parts of who you are; and that nothing you are doing is simple or trite. You are made of the stuff the stars are made of. Start with Super Nova material.

When it dies all those parts go into a stellar nursery into clouds of gas and dust. This then condenses into heat that is so hot the nuclei of the atoms fuse together and this forms oxygen we breathe. It makes the very carbon in our muscle.  Also the calcium in our bone and the iron in our blood are from this great fusion.We are made of Star Stuff!!

Recycled and enriched again and again thru subsequent generations of stars. So if you think you are mundane or that you or your day is boring, think again.Be in awe and wonderment about yourself and what you are made of and what you can do. Be fearless to love you just the way you are. Know that you have something in you waiting to show it -self to you. You are made of stellar material and you have every opportunity to design with your Stardom qualities.

Mercury Retrograde

Are you experiencing some really amazing changes in your reality? Mercury retrograde is behind the surge you may be feeling since the beginning of April. We are in full swing sorting through feelings and the way we perceive through our filter system, our “thinking feelings.” We all need a time out to process and integrate all the new material for the last 3 to 4 months. That is what the retrograde pushes us all into. A time to reflect the way we think, speak, behave, and where this information actually originates from. When we go back over old thoughts or behaviors that no longer serve us or review why we might repeat the same behavior and can’t figure out why it doesn’t get us what we want, well, this is the time to surrender and allow the new awareness to take the old behaviors place. If we trust that Soul will be in the driver’s seat of our own self, then the “plan” for your contract can continue to surface and move you further into the next piece of your own puzzle. You have an opportunity to step into new values, new create, new experiences or you can resist and keep playing out all of the old outdated ways of going after your own life. What sounds more exciting, taking a leap into your own destiny or repeating that which you have already done, but may not really be enjoying the outcome? This is a time of realizing your own potential to design your own Self-Worth, your own time out for your self to be introspective, and your own way of finding what is your own uniqueness. Hang in there, this is an exciting time!!!

There are 2 important simple steps to do right now

There are 2 important simple steps to do right now Be aware of any Self-Sabotaging techniques you have on automatic. You don’t know what those are? That is why they are automatic. You have them neatly set up so you can go about your day. When you create one thing and come out with something completely different, this could be your tip off.

We’re being challenged to clear away any blocks to our magnetic/Female self – this would prescribe you to be aware and willing to live according to our own Truth and Desires rather than anyone else’s.

Self-Sabotage usually includes Limiting Beliefs. LB is built into everyone. Through religion, government, education, ancestor’s, your own Karma, society at large and fear.

When you notice you feel a challenge that is bigger than you can handle, this is when you will go to self-
sabotage, unconscious behavior. You may even feel like this naturally protects you from more pain.

The more you allow your -self to be in the fear or pain the better off you may be; you may actually make a decision from your own Truth or Desires. Remember the fear is there for a reason, embrace it and search for your -self why you are in so much fear. Look for another perspective, look for other choices, and look for the Truth that is holding you back.

Notice how you may really dislike change. This is sabotaging you from moving forward.

So one of the 2 simple steps you could try is,

CHOOSE to plan each day this week to do something you have been putting off

Then notice if you have an issue around time. Is your belief that there isn’t enough of it, you’re running out of it, you don’t know how to use it for your plan so you never start or set up the new idea you have been putting off? So set aside a small amount of time each day, say 20 or 30 minutes to start.

Research what you need to know to take away the doubt, ask a few experts their input about your plan, and actually write down what you know about the topic you need to move forward on. Notice if you already know something about this plan and trust your instincts. Take all of this information and give the points you’ve written out a number and weigh them by importance perhaps 1 thru 10 or 100. The first 10 bullets should give you an idea of how you want to move forward.

This is a start at least to help you get a different orientation of your view point of what you want to do with your life/self. All it may need is a simple modification!



This has come to the attention of those that need to make this much more public and with urgency to participate as a whole on our planet.  Take the time to say this prayer.  Take the time to forward this to everyone you believe will believe in helping our planet.


“I pray to the great devas of the radioactive elements, uranium, plutonium and others that they will closely oversee the removal of the Fukushima fuel rods without great release of radioactivity.  Furthermore, I pray that they will closely oversee Fukushima and all the other nuclear power plants until they can be closed and safely dismantled.  I include here all the nuclear weapons on the planet as well.  I appreciate the natural role that the radioactive elements play on the Earth.  It is humans that have concentrated the radioactive elements for their own ends.  May you assume your natural roles and not be allowed to be used for evil purposes or to greatly harm the human race and other species.

“I ask my guides to carry this prayer up to the highest levels they can reach and so on until this prayer reaches the ears of the highest devas of the radioactive elements and to the ears of the great deva which overlights all of humanity. I send this prayer also to the ears of the great Overlighting Logos of the planet Earth.  Sanat Kumara, Gaia, Pi, or whatever other names may be used for this great Being that ensouls our planet.

“Thank you for hearing our prayers. So be it.”

Which is very serious business, as there is potential there for great harm to all of the Creatures that live on this planet.

Source is from a

Also,   an earth toning master.