This has come to the attention of those that need to make this much more public and with urgency to participate as a whole on our planet.  Take the time to say this prayer.  Take the time to forward this to everyone you believe will believe in helping our planet.


“I pray to the great devas of the radioactive elements, uranium, plutonium and others that they will closely oversee the removal of the Fukushima fuel rods without great release of radioactivity.  Furthermore, I pray that they will closely oversee Fukushima and all the other nuclear power plants until they can be closed and safely dismantled.  I include here all the nuclear weapons on the planet as well.  I appreciate the natural role that the radioactive elements play on the Earth.  It is humans that have concentrated the radioactive elements for their own ends.  May you assume your natural roles and not be allowed to be used for evil purposes or to greatly harm the human race and other species.

“I ask my guides to carry this prayer up to the highest levels they can reach and so on until this prayer reaches the ears of the highest devas of the radioactive elements and to the ears of the great deva which overlights all of humanity. I send this prayer also to the ears of the great Overlighting Logos of the planet Earth.  Sanat Kumara, Gaia, Pi, or whatever other names may be used for this great Being that ensouls our planet.

“Thank you for hearing our prayers. So be it.”

Which is very serious business, as there is potential there for great harm to all of the Creatures that live on this planet.

Source is from http://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/down-to-the-wire-2/ a

Also,  www.TomKenyon.com   an earth toning master.