Love, everyday is Valentine’s Day

Well, here it is once again (almost February 14th).  That one day a year where every one gets to speak the language of love.  You can be romantic, silly, giddy, young at heart, serious, or simple as you give your love expression to those close or not so close to you.

Wow, a special day to express love freely.  Everyone gets permission to express love with little sweet treats.  Cupid sayings  (I bet Cupid really doesn’t say all of those sayings that are imprinted on little colored candy hearts) like Be Mine, I’m Crazy Over You and a thousand more, you’ve probably gotten them through the years.

There is a message in this message.  Every day can be Valentine’s day.  Every day you can talk about the love you gave or the love you received from someone.  You can have conversations with the person or people  you know that you yearn to have a deeper relationship with.

Reveal, if you can, that you may not even know how to show your love.  But, at least say that the love is there for the other person.  Your vulnerability may be the very thing the other person longs to hear you have for them.

Perhaps you love someone so much you’re too conditional and what you really want them to know is that you love them just the way they are.  You may not even know that you are frightened for them or worried for them so they don’t know that you really do love them.  Just tell them you are trying to be more unconditional with your feelings about them and how you express your love to them.

We are all a work in progress.  Every day is a Valentine.  Every day is a reset for a new way to say love, express love, teach love, reveal love and especially learn what love really is in the purest, most authentic way.

You can never look stupid or inept when you are practicing how to love. (And what do you care if you do, you’re practicing)

You can actually figure out why it may feel so awkward if you Valentine’s your- self first.  For a whole day, just to start somewhere, say out loud to yourself how much you love yourself.

Tell your self that you want you to be your Valentine.  Tell you that you are special, that you are unique, that you are beautiful.

Notice how you feel when you say this out loud to your self.  Notice if you love hearing you tell yourself these little love secrets, or are you uncomfortable?

If you find this feels silly, awkward, odd and better left in the heart box, well then I would believe that it would definitely feel odd saying those same things to someone else.

The lesson here is, if you have any wavering when you talk to yourself, then practice Valentine’s talk out-loud to you every day.  Send your- self a Valentines card once a week.  Open it up and have written some spectacular love statement to yourself so that you can read it in your card.

Treat yourself like you want someone else to treat you on Valentine’s day.  Practicing loving yourself makes giving you a box of chocolates appreciated so much more when you have your own love potion infused in the candy.