Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015

A Solar Eclipse pCredithenomenon is when the Moon passes in front of the Sun between the Earth and the Sun.  This is the simple explanation and yet a very intense energy experience for everyone on the planet.  The Sun is the intelligence for our planet; it is the Male energy, electric and very intense.  The Moon is the feminine energy, fluid and influences our consciousness and equally powerful.

When the Sun is eclipsed we are actually being taken “offline” in order to close the old programs for a short time to be reconfigured, cleaned up, and or shift our perception as to how we think.  Then, we reset.   You know when you have downloaded a new program on your computer and it asks if you can then “run it” so it can install, well this is the reset.

Between now and the 20th there are some conscious actions that we can mindfully act on to get a jump start before the eclipse. This eclipse will move us into the upgrades and changes that will directly correlate with assisting us in opening up hidden unfinished learnings.

We don’t have to see it or be at the exact place on the planet where it is actually happening.  We will all feel these intense energies that will be the reset and renewal.

This is the 1st Eclipse of 2015.  This will open the door for a new life for you. This renewal or a new life pertains to deepening your awareness of Being moment to moment, rather than doing, accomplishing and winning. This is a period for aligning with your feminine and masculine.

This is where the Moon (feminine) the dark will embrace the Sun the (light) and together mesh the new life, the renewal we are longing for.

There are some conscious choices that you can pay attention to so you are better prepared for the eclipse.  Start now instead of waiting for the eclipse energy to move you along with you not being aware of your own choice for change.

If you had ideas of change in the beginning of the year, revisit these plans or ideas and notice if you have any changes or if you need a reset. What are the major areas in your life where you need to clean up,  or are  old wounds that you have from your childhood that keep repeating?

Because this eclipse will force conclusions around unfinished business one way you can line up with your self is to check yourself for recurring messages that you hear either in your own self or outside.   Go over these situations that keep coming up over and over and aren’t resolved because they are definitely on the table to be taken care of once and for all.

You may think that you don’t know what the items are that you should pay attention to, simply check on your feelings.  Either it is relationships, health, money any of your life situations will bring you back to your truth about how you’re feeling about yourself.  Ask yourself why or what the reason is that the messages keep coming back to you, you will be able to make a change, at least put a plan in place.

Better you do the conscious choice for changing than  feeling powerless
because circumstances make you change and you thinking it is against your will.

Here are some of the subjects that are up for healing that we all will be
challenged to pay attention to:

  • To live authentically we may need to let go or change a situation.
  • To be aware of our imagination and trust our intuition, learn how to use it, tune in to it and trust.
  • The parts of our lives that live in fear, how is this keeping us from
  • connecting to our Self and how is this holding you back?
  • Know what our limiting belief is that confines us to a restricted life.  (There could be many)

This is a very intense period where the power to align and accept our masculine and feminine let us have a deeper awareness of these energies.  This play in balance between the light and dark, the masculine/feminine will continue on the planet until everyone goes into balance within every one of us, (and this will take quite a long time.)   This is so. This is what we came to learn to do as we live in physical matter.