Group Meditations

Meditation can be personal, working or global. Whether you come to a group meditation for one or for all three reasons, collective energy within a group speaks volumes. For me, delving into an intentional state day after day is the purpose for meditation. Eventually, with practice, the unseen forces that hear us and pay attention to us will let us know that our work is being noticed.

When a group meets together for meditation, I like to think of everyone coming with a sense of excitement.  This excitement is the energy that moves the intention and our concentration is our personal focus and desire. We will have also just finished going through a very intense and significant Solar Eclipse, and can use the residual effects to guide our meditation.


When I open a meditation my style is to synchronize the group into one frequency and then we get to do what we came to focus on.  Bring with you the awareness of something that you know it is time to change. This could be one area in your life that needs a major clean up or messages that you have noticed are being repeated over and over again. We can also have a focus for core issues that each and every one of us will be able to meditate through for and with each other.


I really look forward to meeting you and spending another day together giving it another try!

Love, in Light and Dark, Rita