Discipline and Spirituality

Yes they go together.  So you want to be awake, enlightened and expanded?  That desire driver is great, that’s what gets your fire stoked and moves your curiosity into action.  Now do you have a plan to put something in place?  Your desire keeps flashing your idea in your head and heart every day.  You think about what it is you want to see manifest but either it sits inside you and simmers or you use your discipline every moment and take steps to manifest your dream.  Yep, good ole fashion discipline and a plan.   There’s more to this of course to make it happen.  But at least you can do an inventory check on your discipline register.   Is it up and running properly (the discipline) or is the dream or thought you are dwelling on just percolating?  Take the steps that will implement what you desire and be methodical, like a ritual everyday to get your dream into reality and use your loving discipline.  This could be a work out schedule and use discipline to go do it, going to the grocery store with only the list that will change the way you eat, or saving for a special item you’ve been longing for.  What amount of focus in your discipline do you have to turn up to make this happen so you feel ignited to give your self what you want?  It’s always only about you,  Rita

Money, ambivalence or action

Ambivalence is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing.[1] Stated another way, ambivalence is the experience of having thoughts and/or emotions of both positive and negative valence toward someone or something.  So, this hopefully will stimulate you and have you question your beliefs around money.  Are you a bad person if you want wealth, are you greedy?  Or do you just get by  with some struggles about living comfortably?  There it is, Dark and Light positive and negative, this push pull that creates friction so we have to go back into balance.  Giving you and opportunity to let your self dance with your soul and play in the Source.  Do you have a clear vision of your beliefs about money?  What money is for (besides eating, air conditioning, clothes, roof over your head and hopefully a great car) and if you have all of this in your life now are you in an understanding how to create it or keep it when you get it.  There are so many beliefs around money I’m wondering if you are aware of your deepest concepts and how you act/play them out with your daily experiences.  Be in service,  Rita

Re-inventing your self daily

You, we, the planet are in the best of times.  Let go of any internal negative doubt.  This doubt can hold you back and confuse you.  You don’t have to re-invent your self from something completely different say from being a mother to being a CEO.  Of course you can do that and go after that with gusto.  But, I’m suggesting an awareness that if something obvious is changing in your path to allow it to move away.  You don’t have to focus on keeping something going about your self that is in a natural state of fading out or departing from you.  This process is making space for you to notice something new and different that will naturally replace the part that is pushing away from you.  Pay close attention to the signals that are showing up in your internal feeling/intuition. This is where the negative beliefs have to be on mute.  This way you can notice the signals coming in your way like radio signals.  But to get the message you have to feel safe to receive them.  Synchronicity of events is showing you the new information!  Let your new self evolve with curiosity and joy.  Take action with the new information coming in and try on a new part of you.  Be kind to your self, Rita

Fall in love with your self

When we look outside of our self to find love or pleasure you know that is temporary.  How you perceive your self every moment will allow you to focus inward only on your own beliefs.  Find that which you love about your self and focus on that.  When something other than pure joy about your self comes up simply focus on curiosity.   This means you don’t have to fall into a negative reaction or self blame about the situation.  Simply allow your self to observe what is going on that you are reacting to.  What can you do to re-direct your perceived negative reaction and do a re-take.  Start again.  Pause.  Observe.  Then start the “movie” again.  There is always more JOY in every event than you can imagine.  It depends on how you want to make it a new stepping stone for your self or more drama.  Which one sounds like your using the reset button?  Think of your self as the outcome not that something out side of you is the outcome.  We have Triple Trine today, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. This will give us support in new views and thinking, another UPGRADE  Wow!  Rita

Imagination without limitations

When you have imagined something for your self did you manifest it or did it start dying on the “vine” so to speak?  Do you notice that you have all of the steps it takes to make a plan or great idea take form but it didn’t actually get delivered or made?  Well, you are getting in your own way.  Your third eye can be the place you need to check in on to take inventory of how you are projecting your own imagination.  Are you actually jamming it up in the front by judging your own imagination of what you are desiring to create.  The back of the 3rd eye is there to execute the dream or how to make it happen!  Both the front and back have to be open, spinning clockwise and your own internal beliefs must be healthy and you not projecting that your imagined dream is a waste of time.  Check on your belief about your idea/ideas and delve into what your belief is blocking you from unleashing your imagination into reality.  Dream on! Rita

What is your action item?

An action item for you might be something you’ve been putting off and now is the day to activate it!  Perhaps you read my blog yesterday?  That was about writing down an accomplishment about your self.  Also write down what you might be in fear about doing.  So if your fear is holding you back, preventing you from initiating your action item then keep writing down about the fear.  This fear and you acting on your action item are tied together.  Imagine what it would feel like or see your self doing this action you want to put into motion.  What does it do for you?  Let the feeling be the push behind the actual action item you want to do.  Even if you do one step of this item, this alone will send the message out and move your frequency.  Your Soul is the benefactor of this learning and movement of frequency.   This much movement can start the whole dream and keep you in a momentum to go do the next step!  Take action today and do a little each day, Rita

Little things into big things

Write.  Write everyday.  Remember the little things that are working for you.  Make a big deal out of the one small or big accomplishment that you did yesterday and write it down.  Write down somewhere today a learning.  Re-read your learning everyday so you can remind your self that you are moving forward.  See if you want to act on any learning.  If you focus on worry it’s worry that you will create in front of you.  You’ll become very good at seeing problems as the way to focus rather than seek peace, joy, love,  and create.  Live your life at your fullest.  Record your self every day.  Your life is your only true asset.  Show value to your self and note on paper that you are in deep gratitude.   State a goal, perhaps to exercise, eat properly, or even drinking more water!  Design a mission statement about your self and write it out and restate it every day.  This day is the first day of your life, treat it with dignity, respect and integrity.  Your life is yours and you designed it in the first place so your thoughts will make it what ever you want to be so write out what you want!  Be faithful to your self.  Pay attention to what is working and not that which isn’t.    Stay focused on your joy!  Rita

New address after Dec. 21/2012

The new address is we lived in the 3rd dimension where we experience the feeling of lacking, desperate scarcity and separation from everything that feels it has meaning.  Where you are/were always feeling a panic to get as much gathered for your self as possible.  Time, money, food, what ever it is that you fear there isn’t enough.  Then to believe that you are in a dilemma that all that you need to create is out side of you.  Now the new address is further into the 4th dimension.  This is where you are sensing that there is an easier way to manifest from within your own self.  Nothing is outside of you to try to capture.  What you know you need to create is exactly perfect for you.  Feeling is the key word that you get to move into.  Feel your own needs to feel safe and there is an easy way to create what you want for your own beliefs.  Not that which outside forces (media, work, family, friends) say you should get in the right/enough order so you have done “it” right.  You get to FEEL if what you want to make/create for yourself is correct for you.  Feel it through, sense it, know it.  Rita

Are you using your own natural boundary?

Your own natural boundary is running all the time through the Universal energy that is yours all the time.  You not only have it naturally but you should be using this only to create a boundary.  You can be engaging unconsciously creating your false or artificial boundary but that takes all of your will energy that becomes exhausting.  You aren’t designed to be exhausted! You are created to be your Self and find your uniqueness by using your own Universal life force in your Vertical tube.  This is your natural process to connect your chakras and connect to your individuality.  With out this boundary you will over merge with life and people and their emotions and beliefs.  Your fear and beliefs will increase as you merge with more than you can differentiate what is your truth and boundary and what is going on that isn’t you at all.   A innate response will be to defend and this is at an unconscious level that you must protect everything and anything from proving you not enough, wrong, or different.  So, remember your own boundary.  Be present if you are defended with a false boundary or do you use your own natural mechanism that is the Universal life force energy that resides right with in you !!!!  Blessings on this nice long weekend,  Rita



3rd lunar eclipse with a lot of punch!!

You might feel very sleepy, tired and off course right now but that is from the fire from Sagittarius.  Invest in healing your self at this time by being very focused on your intentions.  Your intentions can be like setting a vision for a new innovated way you want to be in relationship, work, play, and especially how you communicate.  Be patient now and not impulsive.  Keep your mind focused on inspired action.  Now is the time to pay attention to taking responsibility for choices and behavior.  You can notice how you’re doing this and turn lemons into lemonade.  We are all being upgraded now and this  accelerating will be ongoing.  This means for you to be conscious about  upgrading perhaps your relationships, where you live, how you eat, and especially your self talk.  Be easy on your self, there is much ending now and new beginnings are forming!    Happy Lunar landings,  Rita