Meet RitaThis is the first step in your journey. Thank you for taking a moment to read about me and the business. My journey as a spiritual and practical teacher, coach and healer has been so interesting and exciting. I have had a deep knowingness of the Oneness since childhood.

This knowledge has reached beyond what adults and teachers asked me to believe in and I am passionate and base my life upon growing up. This knowledge was acted out through playful curiosities, which in turn led me to my many experiences in happiness and healing.

At one point in my journey, I experienced what I call a “life compression of change”. This opened my knowledge to interpret holistic energy in the many forms in which the physical body is designed and enhanced my psychic and intuitive abilities.

Upon my journey into healing abilities, I also earned degrees in Organizational Communication and Kinesiology, a Masters in Education and Counseling, and a Masters in Neurolinguistic Programming. I also pursued studies in Social Science, Biology, Art, Interior Design, and Culinary Arts.

Many of my experiences also include extensive travel, sacred sites, and meeting other healers. Most exciting is being a mother to two beautiful children, who taught me more than any other experience could have given me.

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