Dream outside of your brain “rut”

Wouldn’t it be great if…

What would you put in for your “wouldn’t it be great if…?

How about something like, wouldn’t it be great if I could turn off my negative thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be great if I’d have reduced anxiety and stress when I …

Wouldn’t it be great if I could deepen and enhance stillness to hear my true inner Self?

Consider alternative responses you could practice:

There are ways to deepen and enhance stillness so you can pull yourself together, really easy steps to get to your deepest yearnings. First and foremost there are ways to calm down your internal turmoil and really hear negative dialogue you are having at warp speed.

These thoughts that are crushing your desires and dreams are real; only due to you’re existing beliefs. Similarly, almost every belief that you react to isn’t even yours, to begin with, and this can screw up a really great dream.

Having a few quick options to practice.

Feeling and Breathe. I’ll elaborate in a moment. When beliefs are dominant it is a challenge to catch yourself saying them to yourself. Meaning you have a habitual belief that comes in, it is then a thought, then emotion and then in 3 seconds, you are in what you feel is a reality. BOOM

So, how do you knock it out of your own ballpark, (which is your own belief system) saying over and over the same thing to yourself and expecting a different feeling? In other words, you check in on how you are FEELING. Not thinking, but FEELING.

Here’s an example. Do you notice that you were pretty high with a positive feeling? Feelings I mean that are really satisfying (naturally because you actually meditated not medicated) and you are feeling the self-love or do you start saying yes but… meaning not receiving love? Do you find that you can’t really allow complete buy-in that if you love yourself that it will last and you deserve to feel this about yourself? Does selfish ever float to the surface instead of keeping the love feeling?

Self-Love is what we all desire to weave into our very cells.

Our intelligent Inner-Being wouldn’t be telling you negative things: you don’t make enough money, or you’re screwed for your future, or you aren’t in good enough shape no matter how much you work out. In Addition, it also wouldn’t be remarking that you are a terrible wife, mother, father, husband, friend, co-worker, or it’s okay for you to hate everything. Self-Love doesn’t feel like shit, it makes you feel high and happy.

Create Consciously

Your own personal FEELING would be of deep satisfaction that you really like just being in your body, and you aren’t doing everything you can to check out of what is going on around you. (There’s a reason for that and I’ll blog later about that)


Oh, and by the way, if you notice that you can’t handle what is going on around you then you can breathe. Above all, Take 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 whatever you need deep, slow, purposeful breathes in one minute. This gets your body RELAXED, that’s what deep breathing does for you. Instant relax.

If you aren’t feeling the love/relax in 5 minutes then go sit somewhere for a few more minutes and close your eyes.

Now you’re Building a tool kit

Block out what you see in front of you. Close off the stimuli for another 5 or 7 minutes to tune out the “noise” of what is going on out there. In other words for a few moments block out from your perception how you are interpreting what you are watching.

A belief has been triggered. You are in overload. At that moment how will you distract yourself from continuing to build a new feeling with the same rut? Your personality not in check allows you to route back to the anchor point of the belief.

It is your chance to change.

Oh, I love that thought, change. You can do this. You can. It’s one notice what you are FEELING at a time. Grab the FEELING, close your eyes if you have to, not while your driving, and breathe. Calm down the feeling with some thoughtful direction, a direction away from what you DON’T want.

Bring your inner being forward for support. Make space for your Self. Allow time to notice how you do want to feel.

Time to use your saying, Wouldn’t it be great if I consciously direct my FEELINGS to what I do want to FEEL: Love, capable, peace, easy, ease, focus, clarity, present, present, present for myself.

It takes repeated practice being present with yourself all of the time, in other words not about what someone else is doing so you think it’s about them, but you pay attention to you.

That is Self-LOVE. Paying attention to you.

It’s none of your business!!!!! what anyone else is feeling about you. You can’t fix that, and you can’t make them change their mind about something. And why would you want to?

I can go on and on about this subject! But really, I’d love to hear from you and your comments about your Wouldn’t it be great if I…

Feel free to email me at: with your comments and discoveries.

Much Love, Rita

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Mercury Retrograde – Rewind and Reset

May 2015 retrograde is here again.  This will be our second one for 2015.  We’re in the Pre-Shadow period right now, which started May 4, and will last until the 18/19th. Then, Mercury Retrograde goes full on the 18/19th of May.  This lasts for three full weeks. Then into a post-shadow integration period for all that you will have learned and have become aware of about yourself.  This integration period will be from  June 11 until June 27.

Just a reminder of what a planetary Retrograde means and what it assists us all in doing at this time.  We all get to go over past/old ground and look at situations and behaviors that are in need of attention. It is like a reset or rewind button for us.  You, and all of us, get to go over parts of our life where you may have missed your learning.

You now have an opportunity to actually “do over,” what you may have left out in many situations and with present awareness, try it again. The pre-shadow period is extremely beneficial; it is the prepratory work for the three weeks prior to when the real work begins. The pre-shadow period is for you to become aware of themes in your life.

Group or individual opportunities can appear where you missed taking care of situations in the past, like personal relationships, business or otherwise. Take note of who might pop up in your life when you least expect them or if someone pops up from the past.

Who are you thinking of constantly and why?  And what significant dealings are coming up each day: money, health, confrontation, family, being uncomfortable about your obligations, to name a few examples.  Write these down, and when you enter into the full Retrograde look over your notes and see/feel what you want to work on.

When this Retrograde does move into full swing, it will be about how you use your decision/choosing for your own personal growth.  You will focus more on what your own feelings are about choosing than what you think you are SUPPOSED to be doing in life.  This is a healing time to focus in pre-shadow and the full Retrograde on your own clarity.

This clarity is what gives you more authenticity and your Truth.  Clarity and Truth will give you authenticity.  You can choose from your Heart or Soul alignment rather than your linear, reasoning, logical self.  Your intuitive action will be your own personal growth.  These are steps that move you up the ladder of Self- awareness and realization that you have your own Free-Will-Power, your own free choice.

Listen to your heart, feel your intuition, pay attention to what you are feeling that leads you to certain growth at this time.  Retrogrades are very powerful and healing.  You don’t have to see this as a challenge or confrontation of your ego (but know your ego will kick and scream), but a time of review to heal that which you missed in the past.

You may start having some physical reactions, even now in the pre-shadow time; Headaches, feeling tired, sleepy, achy, or no appetite or very hungry.  Honor these physical signals and do the best you can to accommodate yourself.

DRINK more water, if you stay hydrated you are helping your mind, body, spirit in a way that you might not think you really need.  Water, like breath, is a combination package that our body desires.  Pay attention to these simple acts of support for your spirit and biological body.

I’ll send more information as we get closer to the Retrograde.  Stay awake and pay attention to the prerequisites to the real deal.

Keep growing, Rita