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New address after Dec. 21/2012

The new address is we lived in the 3rd dimension where we experience the feeling of lacking, desperate scarcity and separation from everything that feels it has meaning.  Where you are/were always feeling a panic to get as much gathered for your self as possible.  Time, money, food, what ever it is that you fear […]

Move through your fear

When you bump up against or into something you put off and off and then you create more stress, just do it!  Put one idea down and only do that one idea.  See how you feel just by completing that one thing you have been procrastinating about.  This alone may let you go to the […]

Stay Awake

Stay awake, keep your vision right in front of you at all times. Know that you deserve whatever vision it is that you are holding in your heart and creative mind. If you can’t see your vision right now then start looking at pictures say in a magazine or on different web sites. Look at […]

Valentine Love

This week is truly filled with heart felt love.  This whole month is that of actually loving our Self into more consciousness!  We are elevating our collective consciousness minute to minute by loving our Self and all that is around us.  We are truly feeling more connected to our Higher Self and that means we […]