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Retrograde Progress…

Well, we’re 6 days into this wonderful Cancer/Mercury Retrograde and I wanted too remind you to stay aware of all the great opportunities that you have while going through this disorganization.  You will come out the other side of this organized and integrated.  But you do have to do all of the work that it […]

Love you for just being you

Do you recognize when you are overexerting your self emotionally.  What this means is you are trying so hard to be more than what is already your natural state.  Perhaps you might want to have some way to calibrate your self when you need to know enough is enough.  This could be a challenge because […]


Vulnerability refers to the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment.  Don’t fall for Mercury’s tricky way of pulling you off course through this retrograde.  The whole reason for a retrograde is to throw you way off course, disorganize and mix it all up and this one is about emotional upheaval.   You get your […]

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

The ride starts today (actually I’ve been feeling it since last Friday) and will last around 31/2  weeks.  A little longer than other retrogrades.  This retrograde will move you into a major shift in your personal and collective group emotional level.  You’ll be feeling this shift around your idea of home, family, childhood, parents and your past.  This […]


There was a huge study revealed today that 70% of the workforce population is malcontent.  Well, now that sounds like fun to work around.  Really, this is contagious stuff, being malcontent.  If you even remotely think that you are dissatisfied with your self in the place that you are at then your responsibility for your […]

Guarantee, there is only one

Change.  That is the one guarantee we can count on every day!  There are laws of the Universe and they are fixed.  They don’t change.  They are as they are and will always be but the Law of Change is a guarantee as a natural course in this miracle of living in physicality.  How you […]


When you feel tension do you respond to the feeling with panic or calmness?  Meaning: tension is a signal.  This signal is your body telling you that you are in a situation that needs your attention.  The attention your focus is on is the emotional feeling you are having.  Perhaps you are thinking of something that […]

Have a extremely defined vision

The more exact your vision the clearer it is to guide your self to create it.  The clearer you are they way you want this vision to turn into reality the greater the feedback you will receive.  You will have “proof” as you move along in your journey gathering  information, tools, and synchronicity will play a […]