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Appreciation, how do you interpret this?

Today I was so excited when I heard a wonderful person I so respect give some insight into Appreciation.  How do you think of investing in something and it grows in value?  The answer is,  it appreciates.  So you know if you got something for your investment.  Perhaps it is money and you invested it […]

Applause and Testimonials

Applause When I first started working with Rita, I had been in a fog for decades, not knowing who I was, feeling downtrodden and helpless, blaming others for bad things in my life. I didn’t know what I wanted– only that I didn’t want to keep feeling the way I did. Rita has steadily helped […]

What is energy work

What is energy work? Because we are all energy and all connected through vibration we can move into anyone’s energy field(s).  This field so to speak comprises of chakras, auras, endocrine system, fluids and the whole biological system.  Our DNA holds all the information or codes and energetically these are what can be “cleaned up” […]

What is a private Session

What is a private Session? It is an experience where you are completely connected to your own energy system through trusting.  Trusting that you have been guided to this particular type of energy work to heal and awaken your -self to empowerment, self-responsibility, emotional maturity and fun!  The fun part is your effort to heal […]

Can a session help me

Can a session help me? We all have access to our inner Wisdom.  It is your responsibility to seek this Wisdom through your Soul/Higher Self.  When you listen to your Soul/Higher Self and seek out a teacher or opportunity who can simply guide you to your own Truth you can awaken your senses in my […]

Little Things into Big Things

Write.  Write everyday.  Remember the little things that are working for you.  Make a big deal out of the one small or big accomplishment that you did yesterday and write it down.  Write down somewhere today a learning.  Re-read your learning everyday so you can remind your self that you are moving forward.  See if […]

Emotionally not connected

You know how being in an emotional relationship of any kind takes courage and effort. Ways of showing love can be through little favors, being very considerate, thoughtful, putting off something you want to do to be with the other person, and noticing little things they do and getting it done for them before they […]

Where is your Compass?

Have you ever felt really lost at any time in your life?  I mean really lost, like you simply didn’t know what the message was that was running through your whole body.  Or everything you were doing came to a screeching halt and you felt like you hit a dead end.  So you are on […]

Interactive Learning

Perhaps we learned how not to be truly committed to applying what we learn because of our education system?  Maybe there was confusion from certain parenting skills as we were growing up.  We were suppose to learn responsibility but it is focused on doing something that proves we’re going to achieve an outcome.  Usually being the […]