Appreciation, how do you interpret this?

Today I was so excited when I heard a wonderful person I so respect give some insight into Appreciation.  How do you think of investing in something and it grows in value?  The answer is,  it appreciates.  So you know if you got something for your investment.  Perhaps it is money and you invested it and it grew and then you knew, you saw, it appreciated.  Do you feel the same way for something you haven’t yet seen give you a return on your belief?  This is a Spiritual belief now, dream or imagine or wish for something and then you set your appreciation in place before you actually get a glimpse of the outcome.  Is this a conscious action you live in every day? Do you step up to your Spiritual consciousness?  Can you actually appreciate not only what you already have, your sure of that right now, but go one step further.  Appreciate the unknown.  Appreciate something you think of and aren’t even sure you are going to see it or connect with it yet.  If you can hold that energy for your self, that you appreciate that you can even desire what your imagining, perhaps you can expand your wish.  Imagine  you grow your idea make your self bigger.  Don’t hold back with, well maybe I won’t actually get “it” or if I ask for too much I’m being greedy.  Appreciate the moment your in, know you can trust that what you desire will come to you at the exact perfect moment, and most of all don’t hold back with your dream.  Make it big, dreams are free you can spend and expend as much energy as you want with a dream.  If you are connected to appreciating you can create, then you believe already!