Where is your Compass?

Have you ever felt really lost at any time in your life?  I mean really lost, like you simply didn’t know what the message was that was running through your whole body.  Or everything you were doing came to a screeching halt and you felt like you hit a dead end.  So you are on a path, one connected to Spirituality and in this learning curve of awakening you have some how lost your true magnetic north;  you have lost your compass.  This internal magnetic pointer is your own inner voice.  But remember this voice or compass can be drowned out by fear or confusion.  This fear can derail the best of us.  You can go from knowing certainty that you are heading in the direction you set out for and bam! you’re headed into a reality show of your own, filled with a bucket of worms and bugs and snakes and now what?  Do you stay in the bucket and claim your demons or do you jump into the next thing you can possibly grab onto and pull up out of the bucket?  Well, you can stay in the reality show and figure out what the critters are one by one and resolve the fear that they could be lethal or maybe they’re just harmless and look threatening.  In any situation you do have will and choice.  This is the part of claiming your compass in your reality show.  You can learn how to use the compass wisely and go in any direction you want. Remember that your reality show you are living in takes work to figure out what you should do in all situations.  You will most certainly be proud of your self for the effort and the learning.  And you’ll learn how to use your compass more effectively.