Interactive Learning

Perhaps we learned how not to be truly committed to applying what we learn because of our education system?  Maybe there was confusion from certain parenting skills as we were growing up.  We were suppose to learn responsibility but it is focused on doing something that proves we’re going to achieve an outcome.  Usually being the best at something.  When you don’t achieve that in and of itself, being the best, this can send us in an internal direction about our-self that actually leads us away from our Authentic self.  An internal signal from your Authentic self might be curiosity: I am learning some particular set of knowledge skills that when applied will give me options and choices.  Not a disappointment in your self that if it doesn’t come out exactly as the prescribed directions suggest then you didn’t do “it” right. Interactive learning is just that.  Be curious, get a perspective that is different than what you already have, try it out and move it around.  Feel and see how it works in different situations.  If it doesn’t work and you don’t get what it’s suppose to mean then go find more information.  Don’t assume you did it wrong.  Figure it might just be you did “it” differently than what you were told it was suppose to look like.  This takes courage to be different. To break from the herd.  To apply what you perceive and see what the outcome could be.  Be interactive within your self.  This is where you figure your self out in the reaction of your interaction every moment of your life.  Rita