Risk at changing

There’s always a risk when we give of ourselves.  The risk is that we could be rejected or dismissed and feel like we put our self out there and oooppps!  You know though that’s ok if you at least take the chance.  The resistance is the fear of the outcome.  You could be getting so attached to what might or could be the result of the risk that you never risk living in your full self.  When you risk something more than say buying a new car or piece of clothing, like reaching out to another person, well there is a chance.  That chance is the  possibility that they might not return what you were expecting.  And you might not really even know what you were expecting.  If you aren’t doing it for your self already, loving your self, or being honest with your self, or insightful about your self, then how is someone else suppose to fill your reality?  So, you can change your odds about risk by simply being open with out some kind of deep expectation that “it” is suppose to look a certain way.  Your way isn’t their way perhaps.  Take risks, live, be present, Rita