We think of being flexible with just our bodies.  There is more to being flexible than just a good yoga pose let’s say.  You are at your top game when you have your internal view finder set on flexible.  Emotionally flexible, also perception and beliefs.  How you hold your beliefs around your emotions will impact your outcome tremendously if you are not flexible with the situation you have manifested.  Emotions can take over and you can become frozen with pain or fear and believe me that can make you rigid rather than flowing through the event.  An emotional reaction is you own perception about the situation.  The more that you can remain focused on knowing that there are unlimited facets to the kaleidoscope will broaden your perception regarding what you are experiencing.  What you experience and how you react to it is the learning.  The more flexible you are invested knowing that you have choices will keep you from becoming rigid and stuck.  Flexible means surrender.  Flexible means you aren’t going to be attached to the outcome.  How do you do that you say?  Stay tuned for my upcoming workshop on The Laws of the Universe according to how a person can live with in their guidance!  Keep stretching,  Rita