Killing Pain

Knowing you are in pain and ways that you deal with the pain are two distinct sense of awareness.  We are naturally set up to avoid pain at all costs.  You as an individual perceive your pain in a unique way.  Others may be able to empathize or understand but truly another can not actually hold the actual feeling of your pain.  So, it’s like having a baby.  Only you know the pain and intensity of  the whole event.  Even other women who have had babies can empathize because they have had a baby, but they can not know your experience.  It is yours and yours alone.  With that being said you really have to know your tolerance level.  Your awareness of how much you can take and when you numb out is imperative to your consciousness.  A very disturbing report came out that 6,600 women die each year from prescription drugs.  Up 40%.  So this signals to me that women are in physical pain first perhaps.  Yes, then move out of the physical pain and are addicted to the drug.  There is emotional pain too.  This pain is so deep and hard to make go away that the excuse for the physical pain can become the perfect excuse to keep using the drug.  If you don’t know the emotional pain is connected to the physical at some level in the first place it becomes the cart and horse story.  If you know someone or you your self may become aware of an addiction to “pain killers” and they eventually do lead to killing, take time to actually find out why and what pain you are really killing? Be engaged with your self, Rita