Tolerance for your self

Be loving to your self right now, you are bringing to the surface many hidden emotional beliefs due to the Retrograde.  This tolerance is also connected to patience.  You might go through days of dis-organized feelings and confusion.  This is part of the Retrograde.  To shake you up so that you can take a look at your hidden strategy or strategies.  While you could be unaware that that is what is going on and can’t put your finger on the upheaval, be tolerant of the process.  Let it take its course with you.  Trust that you’ll come out of this with vital awareness and information that you are longing for.  The longing is for change and the change is to let you be more of your true self.  Your true self is the Self that you might not be deeply in touch with at the conscious level so your job will be to pay attention.  Pay attention to a new feeling or behavior.  Pay attention to something you might not feel an urge to do anymore that you were addicted or habituated to before.  So you could open up or let go.  Be attentive and patient then you’ll be able to notice.  That’s your true self and job.  Rita