Profound Clarity

You can have an extreme clearing like having the smoke gone and you can see right thru the forest.  This is a moment for you to notice a pattern that you have been living in for your life.  Then all of a sudden you can get an ahaa! moment and you get it. You have clarity as to where the pattern started, why you started it and how you keep it alive and working for you.  Yes you have had an insight and you feel like you can grab life and run.  You have gained wisdom and certainty.  This does not automatically mean that you have every aspect of yourself revealed and that all roads from this gained awareness leads you to other patterns. So don’t fall back to sleep by being tricked that the pattern is gone permanently.  You have to work at not going back to your habit or a default behavior.  You can get so excited that you forget to use the insight you learned.  Use this new found clarity to dig into another part of you that you want to explore. Let your excitement help you keep on top of your awareness that you earned!  Dig into the next round of fear, pain, or anger.  Be wise, Rita