Opening night is every day

Yep, it’s that exciting every day to think of what and who you are when you hit the stage called life.  The requirements are not to memorize anything but to be aware of your self while in your surroundings.  Being aware means you have to work hard at what you want you to feel like while you are presenting your self.  Your hard work regarding staying aware and awake means that you have to go back to the script, homework, marketing, customers, clients, family, friends, reading, writing, meditating, working out, checking your food you eat, and every thing you want to invest in about your self.  This means that you really do not say “wow, I think I deserve a break so I’ll just go ahead and forget what I’m learning” and get to it in a month or so.  So that would be like showing up to rehearsal and you didn’t learn your script, you don’t remember where to stand when you are suppose to say something, what to wear that is appropriate for the scene, and can’t follow the lighting when it is tracking you.  We are accountable only to our self but in the end every person and every aspect of the planet benefits from your investment in the play you are in.  WE all like to see a great performance.  It moves us, inspires us, each of us to want to move something in our selves then.  So, show up by reminding your self every day that it is opening night every day.  Give the best of your self every hour, and inspire those around you!  Rita