Happy 4th

Be grateful everyday in every way.  Be in gratitude not just that you are an American.  Be grateful that you have the responsibility to be present every moment for that which you can turn your life into abundance.  We as a culture have been home grown on possibilities to create anything we want.  We have been raised and taught that we have freedom to be anything we want to be.  Are you doing that or are you measuring your- self based on what kind of house you have, or the school you children attend or how much you earn?  This is an outcome of how hard you work. The real freedom you have access to is that which lets you practice your beliefs.  Are your beliefs clear and true?  Do you have victim energy or are you truly finding your own values and beliefs regarding the meaning of abundance?  Celebrate today with a different twist on why you happen to be living in a place like the U.S..  Take a moment and really dive into examining what freedom really means to you personally.  Freedom is internal, no one can limit this if you know how you perceive it.  There are so many beliefs around freedom that you may actually notice that you don’t express freedom with your Love, or being unconditional, accepting Differences in others with Tolerance, Compassion and Patience.  Do you cherish Freedom with fear, as though you might lose it?  Perhaps you can find other ways you might be limited in true use of your Freedom.  Being Proud doesn’t translate into Compassion, we have to be conscious to practice Compassion.  Rita