Don’t play so small

Move way out of your comfort zone.  Let your ego take a break.  Give it a vacation.  What I mean is turn down the volume of negative talk.  Turn down the volume of the list of what you’re doing wrong, or what you SHOULD be doing, feeling, saying, contributing, involved in, helping out with, taking time to give somewhere, do you want me to go on?  I can.  But really pick the story you live in daily and obey by staying put, that is a start.  Moving out of your comfort zone would mean that you have to recognize that your in it and it is the very thing that is having you loop around over and over with the same behavior or same internal dialogue.  If you want to do something different and say it’s been a week or a month or a year and you haven’t moved on it yet; and made so many excuses why you haven’t tried to do one thing about it; well then your not moving out of your comfort zone.  Your sabotaging your self and making excuses that fit your needs.  Remember you can take one step, one action to let your self feel like you contributed to your desire.  One movement can make a huge quantum reverberation in your field.  Your Soul will get a charge from it too.  Just think how good all the parts of you will feel by trying one new scary challenging thing that is new!  What’s your comfort zone?  Rita