Services you can customize with Rita:

Having trouble connecting to your life’s purpose? Or are you simply experiencing stressful situations in everyday living? Experiencing that feeling like you are on the precipice of change, but sense you need a nudge, with clarity and direction?

Rita can help you to clarify, through interactive work where your questions will bring you to answers your Soul is seeking to reveal to you. Learn to hear your Soul emerge and present itself and connect  to your own energy system and you will build your awakening.  Create a new fantasy and dream of how you want to live and feel.

Energy Evolution Healing sessions, workshops, meditations, mindfulness practices, and on-demand email emergency guidance can give form to, or enhance your inspiration to be in LOVE with yourself.


Four sessions are a great beginning point, a wonderful gift to give yourself to get the “hang” of this Soul purpose journey, healing yourself from mis-beliefs and gather a momentum to want to do living differently.Your first step of action you can take is to commit to 4 sessions scheduled over 4 weeks. (That’s the only way I begin with a newbie/or searcher anyway.) Four sessions builds a great foundation and consistent progress and a true kickstart experience to get you on the path to healing.   This is where you can get answers, some quiet peace of mind to focus on how to figure out exactly what is going on in this massive upgrade that we are all swirling about in together.

  • You made the decision.
  • You know something is shaking up your inner landscape, you have experienced changes over the last few years and you want to bring it all together.
  • You have changes going on, it is happening to you right in front of your own eyes, your partner, your work situation, your children, your community, and I could go on, but, you think it is happening outside of you. In a way it is, and really it isn’t.

This is where I come in.

This is where you can get answers, some quiet peace of mind to focus on how to figure out exactly what is going on in this massive upgrade that we are all swirling about in together.

1. The benefit of building the groundwork for yourself is so you build confidence and understanding around the subject of Soul and Personality. How together these 2 parts of you can’t not be together

2. You build a vocabulary, introduce yourself to concepts you may not have had a clear understanding before, (too much info from too many places) like which concept is correct or isn’t.

HINT: it isn’t that a concept is correct or incorrect, it is your own individual perception.

3. What is your perception of yourself, where did it come from, how do you keep living this same self, with the same emotional reaction while you know you are changing and where is it leading you and what is the purpose of this massive change?

4. You will take away tools custom-tailored for you to work with every day moving forward.

You will have a beginners road map of what you can do to view yourself from 100 miles up and still be able to breathe.

You will know how to calm yourself and assess what your next steps will be to keep you focused and calm down any anxiety or self-doubt.

Feel Confident, Feel Self-Love, Put Your Self First.


1 on 1 Sessions of Spiritual Coaching

Private Sessions – 60 minutes, phone or Skype, of a deep dive into your questions & to get right down on in it by identifying personality hiccups keeping you stuck. This work is intended to empower you to move from where you are currently, into a space of deeper happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind to find what you desire to change your life. Questions are the best starting point for your journey.

One example could be to Undo the puzzle of being too inter-connected with family history… it may need a re-write if it does not serve you any longer. Get clarity, like windex for your human experience – new things come from a clearer perspective.

Heal and enjoy a unique experience by having fun un-covering a new you. EEH can help you to clarify and plant new seeds for self- evolution, support healing and transform you from being unaware of yourself and bring you into focus with your Soul.


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Safe Space

40 Minute together; Sometimes you need a little Love just holding the space safely.

You may not have ever heard of an offering such as this, but what about 40 minutes of Unconditional Love while we, together figure out what is causing confusion or emotional/physical pain.

You don’t have to figure everything out all at once, but you can simply feel safe as though you are in a cocoon, while you start the exploration of discovery.


On-Demand email Emergency Situation

After an initial session, use this on-demand capacity to text or email a problem. Get an email response within an hour that provides answers, solutions, and tools to “self-soothe” any upset coming from the circumstance at hand.  Whether you’re shocked by a situation at work, got in a fight with someone, have trouble with a kid, or you’re confronted with a medical surprise – it’s nice to have a coach when life throws you a curveball.


Group Meditation

Meditate with a Crew that you can resonate your own unique frequency. Get connected with fellow non-moving yoga community members.  Meditation is superb either way: stag or in a group.  There is power in numbers however, so join in, and get a little bump in your meditation practice.

Join the crew/group connecting on the conference call by phone or skype voice.  We are energy and connect as one so phone or in person we are in a crew/group whatever we are doing.

We all know the benefits of meditating, with that in mind each EEH meditation has a subject. EEH meditations encompass: supporting the planet, personal awareness, learning how our body is a vehicle for holding our multi-dimensional self, and of course much more!  No prior meditation experience required.

If you can’t make it live there are recordings right after.


Procrastination Workshop

Here’s a special message for every anyone who knows that they get stuck and want to improve their performance, needs to overcome fear and doubt, but can’t figure out what tools and skills they will need to take action successfully. Hi, my name is Rita Cook of Energy Evolution Healing, and if you want to succeed with Overcoming Procrastination, then pay very close attention.

Many people get stuck and want to improve their performance, but suffer from the idea that if they start something, and stop in the beginning or middle of it, that they have failed, making it too overwhelming to finish.



Your Cohort of 8 people. How it works: the roundtable topic is emailed and the first 8 people to register are the participants.  Participation is a 90 minute virtual meeting of minds, (call in and login to your meeting room) hosted by Rita where the group has a dialogue/interaction with cohort participants. The design of this experience is that you will Rubix cube the topic around in your mind, and come to the roundtable meeting with what you experienced while running the topic through your system leading up to the roundtable, as well as presenting questions you have.

Reason to do this: like a beehive matrix of 8 interconnected participants, allows you to gain insight into higher-self perspectives, access upgrades that are programmed into the structure created for the group (*note: just the correct 8 people will sign up – creating a purposeful cohort).