Stay Awake

Stay awake, keep your vision right in front of you at all times. Know that you deserve whatever vision it is that you are holding in your heart and creative mind. If you can’t see your vision right now then start looking at pictures say in a magazine or on different web sites. Look at the beautiful house you want to own, or the wedding you want to create, even down to a picture of your dream car. Put it in front of you every day. Pay attention to it but do not get attached to the outcome. No demands, just desire! Let your self watch for signs when what it is your dreaming of starts to form and show itself to you. Be grateful, Rita

Remembering YouSelf!!

Never forget how wonderful you are, living in your own presence being human. You have so many complicated thoughts, feelings, and emotions and everything you do is so intricate and overlayed. One thing you may do feels like it is the correct thing to act upon but it may have an effect on another part of the intricacies of your life and bring everything else out of balance. Respect your self and remember how amazing it is for you to learn through your experiences that you create in your life. Be a witness to your self as you are putting it all together as you live and learn along your path. Congratulations on being you!!!!

Success or Failure

You can make a success of your self with your self thoughts, OR you can create your self as a failure. Which do you want to be? You can do both to a degree, but, when those beliefs or thoughts about your self are out of balance, watch out. Do you know when you are successful? Can you recognize your success as that, or do you have a perception of success that is out of alignment with the reality of how you are trying to be successful so you automatically believe you failed. If you are only looking for your failures that is what you will start out with when you are creating the results you want, thus, failure. Evaluate your beliefs around success and failure. Make every day new!!!

Valentine Love

This week is truly filled with heart felt love.  This whole month is that of actually loving our Self into more consciousness!  We are elevating our collective consciousness minute to minute by loving our Self and all that is around us.  We are truly feeling more connected to our Higher Self and that means we are in our own exercise of moving out old emotions from our cellular structure.  Be curious all day long about an unfounded emotion or one that you know you just created.  Hold onto the fast feeling that you are being hurled into truth about your self and life around you, even if it doesn’t match up with what you think you already know!! Move with the transition and be gentle and nurturing to your self.